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There comes a point in our lives when we are bitten by the travel bug. Regardless of whether we do manage to travel all the time, that bug is always there, reminding us that we must. This particular list of celebrities satisfying their wanderlust has been put together to do just that.

1. Kareena Kapoor Khan

Switzerland has always maintained the top spot in Kareena Kapoor Khan's itinerary. The Khan-couple has always taken time out from their busy schedules to spend some time together and visit their favourite holiday spot. This time around however, there was an adorable addition to the ritual—their newest family member, Taimur Ali Khan. It was his very first vacation and we got a hold of some pictures that have gone viral, for obvious reasons. How perfect does the family of three look here! *touchwood* #FamilyVacayGoals



2. Priyanka Chopra

Our desi girl doesn't forget to take time out for her family and friends from her jam packed schedule. This time the occasion was even better because it was her birthday. The diva was holidaying with her family at a secluded island and kept updating the world about it because she cares about us too. We haven't been able to get over the pictures and the view, only imagining how it would be to witness such beauty in person. She was not seen compromising on her style because you know, it comes naturally to her. Therefore, giving us some major #HolidayOutfitGoals



3. Malaika Arora Khan

Malaika Arora Khan casually goes around telling the world, age is just a number. Besides that, she's also constantly giving us some major travel goals. While Holidaying in Spain, Malaika was kind enough to share a few pictures of her time there and we are glad she just gave us a glimpse of it because we clearly wouldn't have been able to handle so much beauty and hotness in one frame. The view is as breathtaking as the lady in the frame and we can't make a choice between the two.



4. Sonakshi Sinha

Asli Sona loves traveling and she takes out time to do so because one's soul always needs some rejuvenation. Sonakshi Sinha was recently vacationing in New York and of course, she was having a wonderful time because the pictures clearly reflected her happiness and so did the captions. While Soaking the sun on the Hudson river Sona got a perfect picture which looked nothing less than magical and of course she visited the Universal Studios and who wouldn't have a helluva time there!



5. Ileana D'Cruz

Ileana was recently seen sojourning in Fiji! If you’re sitting at your home while reading this, I feel you and even worse if you’re reading this while you still haven’t left your office. Fiji is a beach paradise and not just that, its underwater world is worth the plunge too. With the gleaming sands, quintessential palm trees and water so blue that it sparkles, Fiji’s beaches sure look airbrushed. One couldn’t have asked for a better vacation spot. Ileana’s Instagram feed tells us she’s having the time of her life and we wouldn’t doubt that either.



6. Taapsee Pannu

Tapsee Pannu's love for traveling is quite evident and when she went to Norway for a mini vacation, we also got a peek at her photography skills. She is the perfect traveler because she took some impeccable snaps of her surroundings and boy! she makes us want to visit the place for sure. While looking as cute as a button herself, she did end up giving us some serious travel goals.



7. Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is the brand ambassador of Switzerland—a place that is like a second home for Hindi cinema and its lovers. Let’s keep that aside and marvel at the gorgeousness that this country is. If I had a chance to choose my heaven, it would be this place. From the Alps to the lakes, this country offers everything that would fulfil a wanderer's  soul. Every niche is picturesque! Apart from that, Ranveer’s Instagram feed tells us there is a lot Switzerland has to offer than just beauty. Take us with you the next time you go Ranveer, Please.



8. Siddharth Malhotra

Siddharth Malhotra was recently announced as the brand ambassador of New Zealand and his Instagram pictures surely gave us all the feels. We’d still be honest and say we were a tad more jealous than happy! As he himself said that New Zealand has endless opportunities for adventure lovers, we really wouldn’t want to know more. From Auckland to Queenstown to Canterbury, he saw it all and of course, he was in awe. So are we, in awe of his pictures.



We are sure the pictures make you want to go on a vacation soon and we cannot blame you!

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