A dream that killed Jeetendra 's ambition to make films

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A dream that killed Jeetendra 's ambition to make films

Jeetendra had seen H. S Rawail's "Mere Mehboob" when he was a young man and was so fascinated by it that he saw it several times and hoped to be some part of a film made like that and with the same director.....

He had become a major star and had established his own banner, Tirupati Films .publive-image

He and his brother Prasan Kapoor produced a number of files under this banner, most of which were hits .

It was when he and his banner were established that Jeetendra rememberd his dream of making a film like "Mere Mehboob"Jeetendra

He approached H S Rawail to make a film like Mere Mehboob for his banner and Rawail agreed and got a script ready written by him and the well-known writer Dr Rahi Masoom Raza and the film was titled "Deedar E Yaar" which was a love story told against a Muslim backdrop . It was to have Jeetendra himself , Rekha, Tina Munim and Ashok Kumar in the main roles. A galaxy of good poets including Sahir Ludhianvi wrote the poetic songs which were tuned by Laxmikant Pyarelal and it had G. Singh, a cinematographer who had worked on films Mere Mehboob and other expensive and exotic films .

Jeetendra was very hopeful about the films being a hit and the industry was also excited about it.....

As the day of the release drew closer Jeetendra's expectations soared higher and he expected the opening day crowds to be huge and even placed policemen outside every theatre in Bombay and other major cities .Jeetendra

On the morning of the release , Jeetendra and his team went around looking for the reactions from the People. And as they went around theatres ,Jeetendra was shocked to see that the only crowd outside the theatres were the policemen he had spent money to place outside the theatres to see that there were no security problems and to avoid any kind of disruption or violence .

Needless to say , Deedar E Yaar was not only a flop for Jeetendra and his company, but for the entire industry .

Jeetendra has not produced a film since 1982, the year he received the biggest shock of his 50 year old career



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