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“A film like Mission Mangal will add to my value especially after I had acted in a film like Uri – The Surgical Strike”


Kirti Kulhari has grown as an actress right from the time I had met her for the first time at the IFFI at Goa where her film Jal directed by Guirish Mallik was figuring in the competition section. In this interview to JYOTHI VENKATESH, KIRTI KULHARI , who had made her bow in Bollywood with the film Khichdi says that she is ready to do just two meaty scenes in a film, provided it is going instead of doing the lead in a film which no one is going to watch to be seen by many

You were the only actress with a name like Kirti when you made your debut in Bollywood. Now there are actresses whose name is Kirti or Kriti, Like Kriti Kharbanda, Kriti Sanon etc. What do you have to say about this?

While, on one hand I should say that I am flattered, on the other hand, I should say that I am a big victim of this syndrome and do not like if people call me Kriti.

What is the film Mission Mangal all about?

The film Mangal Mission is based on true events of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully launching the Mars Orbiter Mission, Mangalyaan. In the film, I will be seen alongside a huge ensemble cast, comprising Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Sharman Joshi, Sonakshi Sinha, Taapsee Pannu, and Nitya Menon.

What is your role in Mission Mangal?

I play the role of a scientist Neha Siddiqui from Lucknow in Mission Mangal. All the scientists in the film are dealing with some personal issue or the other. In my case, Neha deals with an issue of separation from her husband. Being single and a person belonging to a minority, she does not get a house on rent. All the girls in the mission come together when they get a purpose in life and forget their own personal issues for the sake of the country as a whole.

Did you have second thoughts about whether to do the film or not since it boasts of a big star cast?

No. I did not at all have any second thought about whether to do the film or not because there are so many actors in this ensemble characters driven film and I can do less and get away with it. I think it is too important a film to let it slip away from my fingers.

Can you elucidate?

You get a role in some films where you feel it challenges you as an actor whereas sometimes you feel that a film will add to your value especially after I had acted in a film like Uri – The Surgical Strike. We all are so caught up in our lives that we do not at all realize what is happening around us.

What is your approach towards acting?

I think I am only getting better and better with my craft and becoming a better actress in the process. I am doing a job with honesty and sincerity but also am aware of the fact that I do not contribute to the final product. For me, every actress who is working in a film is playing a very crucial role, whether she is doing a small or a big role. If you play a pivotal lead character in a film if you do not have the character, the lead will fall flat on her face.

What kind of roles do you want to do as an actress?

You always look out for variety of roles as an actor, and do not just bother whether there is scope in it for you to add to your character or not. I want to play roles which are complex or else I do not think I will be able to derive any satisfaction out of playing the roles. You will see me go into zones in which I won’t be comfortable.

Go on!

I try to do what I believe in as an actress. The size of the role really does not matter to me at all. I know that it takes a lot of courage to walk on the path that I have chosen where it is tough to take one step ahead. People find it easier to categorize an actress and compartmentalize her as a heroine or s second heroine. I stop caring beyond a point because I do not get affected like I used to be earlier as an actress. My action will always speak louder than my actions

What is your criterion for picking up a role?

I am more open as an actress than earlier in my life as long as there is something tangible in a role for me. If I am offered only two scenes in a film, I’d surely do a film if the film is going to be seen by many. As actors, I think we can bring about a lot of change in society and also change mind sets and perspectives of the people and I’d not waste the opportunity even while I have fun in doing certain kinds of roles.

How easy or tough was it for you to prepare for the part of Neha in Mission Mangal?

I am technically handicapped but honestly I had some kind of background preparation for my part in the film. I tried to learn all about the mission but beyond a point, it became too technical for me. I saw the documentary Apollo 13. My director Jagan is technically very sound as his sister is working in ISPRO. Though the film sets out to tackle a serious subject, it is a slice of life film, where the treatment is very light.

What do you have to say about the media today?

All that I can say frank about the media is that the media underestimates the power that it has to change the minds of the audiences. It is up to the media to encourage people who come up with different content. That includes directors, writers and all actors who are not struck in their minds in one particular genre. It will be great if a time comes like that as it is in our DNAs

What are your forthcoming projects as such?

I believe in quietly doing Bard of Blood for Netflix with Pawan Kriplani as the director, a short film called Batasha which is a film on road trip directed by Raj Singh Chowdhary and a feature film called Girl On The Train in which I play the role of a cop with Jackie Fernandez, Aditi Rao Hydari and Parineeti Chopra and two more films which I cannot divulge as of now

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