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The Joker might just be getting his own film as Martin Scorsese and Todd Phillips are believed to be coming together to make this happen. Scorsese will reportedly be producing the venture while Phillips will be co-writing it along with Scot Silver, according to reports by Variety. The story will Joker’s journey in the 80s and what led him to become a criminal mastermind.

If reports are to be believed, the film will have the look of a gritty crime drama rather than a comic book film, which has a lot to do with getting Scorsese’s commitment to the project. The DC comics is meaning to expand its universe by introducing new avenues in terms of the stories. Jared Leto, who was cast as the Joker in Suicide Squad shall reprise the role in Suicide Squad 2 but won’t be cast as Joker in the upcoming film, if made.

Polygon reports, there is no estimated release date for the film just yet. Phillips is reportedly already working on the script, and it is in the earliest stages of development. But that doesn’t mean that Twitterati hasn’t reacted to the buzz. The news hasn’t gone down with fans.

The speculation already has lit up sparks

Looks like a definite NO

All set to ignore its mere existence. Ouch!

I have to admit I did crack up reading this one

Leave things the way they are

Do not f*** up. I repeat, Do Not F*** Up

Still, have time to mend your mistake

Wel, we hope the team keeps the public opinion in mind before making this news official and if not, we seriously hope the film is way beyond our imagination and doesn’t disappoint us!

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