A Heartfelt Letter To Arjun Kapoor On Mother's Day

An Open Letter to Bollywood actor, Arjun Kapoor on Mother's Day

By Team Bollyy
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A Heartfelt Letter To Arjun Kapoor On Mother's Day

Dear Arjun,

I had to write this letter before your next release or maybe some time later but after seeing your IGTV emotional video today on Mother's Day, I couldn't resist and I started typing that I had in my heart for quite a time now. I'll be breally honest with you that I am not a Arjun'steam or Arjunholic as your fan clubs names are but I have admired you personally more than your on-screen projection of work.

I have been working in this  industry almost from the same time that you entered the industry and trust me, there are only few stars who kind of influence you personally when you work up, close and personal with me and you are one of them who have always left a mark on me personally..

So, here it goes, it was 24th February around 2:45 am when I was at my best friend's bachelor's party when I got a call from my Managing Director that there's a sad news that unfortunately the legend SriDevi has passed away. I still remember I stood still for a minute and then replied okay, I will write. We were among the first media companies to put up the news maybe because we have been in the business for the longest time or maybe because our photographer is the personal photographer of your uncle, Anil Kapoor. I am re-calling this incident because just after this, I saw the Arjun Kapoor who influenced me. This Arjun Kapoor stood like a wall to his step-sisters, Khushi and Jahnvi just because he knew the pain of losing a mom. This Arjun Kapoor asked "where are the girls " when he got the news.

I admire how you so fluently have been a backbone to your dad and your sisters (all three of them) because I guess now you love them more than your blood and soul. The way you have dealt with the loss of your mom, then handling the situation for your dad and sister really really pushed me as I too lost my dad when I was just in a car accident. I lost him within a fraction of a second and thus, I could relate the pain of yours.

Today, when I saw your IGTV video, I was in tears (you were too, but being an actor, you let them inside but I couldn't) , your video shakes me up, you were right that those who has their parents should often tell them how much they mean to us or how much we love them because there would be a time when we won't be able to say all these to them physically and only memories would be left.

Today, I would like to tell you that your mother would be one proud woman up there smiling towards you and she wouldn't like you sad. So, smile. Smile for her and your family as you always do.

To Conclude, I would just wish you all the happiness and luck in this world. More power and strength to you so that you remain this backbone of the Kapoor Family.

Tons of love, hugs and wishes from me and Team Bollyy!

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