A king of hearts will always be a king I salute you again, srk

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A king of hearts will always be a king , i salute you again, srk

Ali Peter John

I have my list of people who I will always be grateful to and topping my list will always be my guru K.A.Abbas without whom I would not have met the other men and women who gave me the opportunities to be grateful to them and to life...And at a time when
I was all but losing faiths in the new generation, I was fortunate to find a young man who I had heard of as a good actor ,but also as a man with a big heart who believed in giving more than receiving.

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I had seen him rise from a place called nowhere to be the king of his own empire and also the king of millions of hearts. He had once woken up in the middle of the night and screamed at the sky saying ,"I will conquer you one day "and the sky and the God beyond it and the entire cosmos conspired to make his ambition to conquer come true....

And if I believe in some of the beliefs I hold close to my heart, Shah Rukh Khan the king I am talking about is what he is today is because of the good he has been doing and still is doing and I believe will do for a very very long time,because the innate goodness in man can not go away or be wished away by any power .

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I don't have to go into the details about all that this king has been doing to make life better for others, but I will never lose any opportunity of telling the world about how he proved he was a king with a heart when he came to my rescue when I had a crushed foot and was lying helplessly, hopelessly,in a hospital and not certain about my future.


I need not go into the details, but I know that if I walked out of that hospital alive, it was only because of this king, who I consider a king only next to the king called God(strictly my belief).....

And what this king has been doing to help people in these dark and dangerous Corona times is what everyone knows, even if he would not have liked them to know, if not for anything, then out of his genuine humility.

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But, it is what king khan of "Mannat"did last week is what only a king who is also a modern day saint can only do.

Thousands of Indians must have seen a video showing a child trying to wake up his dead mother at the Muzaffarpur Railway station in Bihar, a young mother who was one of the lakhs of migrants walking back to their villages,and who had died due to hunger ,But it needed a king of hearts like King Khan to take serious and sincere note of that moving scene.

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The king literally moved heaven and earth and maybe even hell to find out all about that child. He not only make sure that the child was found, but made all out efforts to see that the child was safe and would live a comfortable life,through his Meer Foundation named after his father.

There are many who preach and teach about being kind and helping other human beings, but here is a simple man who some great people even look down or away from as just another actor ,who is doing what no holy book teaches or no holy man preaches from platforms and pulpits or no popes ,pandits or mullahs would ask his followers to do.....

A king of hearts will always be a king , i salute you again, srk (3)

This king is doing many other good deeds ,but as I know and as I say, he is one king who hates blowing his own trumpet.....

At this point of his career, SRK who has not signed any new film in the last three years could have made any excuse of not being able to help and give, but if he had made such lame and tame excuses, he would not be the king of hearts he is and will always be.

More power to your helping hand king khan !

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