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A R Rahman And Ameya Dabli To Perform At Ekam Satt– Unity Concert: The 50th Symphony


Jyotrhi Venkatesh

Music composer AR Rahman and artist Ameya Dabli will line up to perform for Ekam Satt– Unity Concert: The 50th Symphony. The two-time Academy Award winner, AR Rahman is popularly known to have redefined contemporary Indian music while Ameya’s performances are famous to connect us to our inner core and rebound us to the rich heritage & culture we have inherited from our ancestors. The upcoming concert is going to be an unprecedented event where these two musical talents, also known for love of the nation, will come together to showcase brilliance. Ameya Dabli will be presenting his music with unique instrumentation and exhibit style by blending various genres such as fusion, contemporary & folk music exclusively arranged with Ranjit Barot while A R Rahman will take the audience into another dimension along with his renditions of his Sufi Ensemble.

Enter the enchanting world of Ekam Satt – Unity Concert:  The 50th Symphony on February 29th 2020 at Jio Gardens, Mumbai. The concert is conceptualized and managed by ‘AD Ventures’ for Ekam Satt Foundation, which propagates peace through its profound music and helps people connect them with their inner core through varied musical genres such as fusion, folk, sufi& contemporary music. Over the years, the Foundation has organized pro-bono musical concerts for over 4.5 lakh personnel from the IndianArmed Forces across India. For their 50thconcert, Ekam Satt opens its doors to everyone. Ameya Dabli believes that the success one achieves in life is determined by their ability to find their true calling. He believes his is the service he renders to the jawaans in India.Speaking about this association with Ekam Satt, A R Rahman says “This series aspires to connect listeners to the inner self and evoke universal love through music. The Sufi Ensemble performs popular Sufi film compositions, re-arranged versions of the masters of Qawwali and culturally inspired collaborations – all enhanced by visual experiences. Come let us celebrate oneness”

Expressing his gratitude Ameya says, “In today’s turbulent times, with so much of stress and turmoil across the globe, it’s time for each one of us to pause & reflect within for that is where is the source of true peace and happiness. Thus, Ekam Satt is not just a music concert – its “an experience”.  It is also pure intentions turning into a beautiful and well-serving reality. It is wonderful to have so much love from my audiences – especially our soldiers,  after each of these performances as it is a direct connect with their heart. It has been an honor to serve our armed forces over the past few years. For our 50th concert of Ekam Satt, I felt we were now ready to take this experience to a larger global audience. I am privileged to have AR Rahman as a part of this show on such a special occasion. Through our music we hope to touch the chords of our global audiences and spread the message of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (One World family).”

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