“A thrilling continuation of ‘The Big Bull’ spin-off is underway,” says Anand Pandit

"A thrilling continuation of 'The Big Bull' spin-off is underway," says Anand Pandit

On the occasion of Abhishek Bachchan’s birthday, the producer expresses the desire to work with the star again

Producer Anand Pandit is looking forward to a creatively diverse and eventful 2023. Aside from a couple of enormous spending plan Hindi and territorial ventures, the maker has now likewise made a significant declaration about a spin-off that fans had been sitting tight for. According to pandit, “Indeed, I’m glad to share that a thrilling spin-off of ‘The Huge Bull’ is in progress. I was being asked continuously whether I would make a sequel and this film certainly will offer a worthy progression to the premise of a financial genius who once again goes too far. “

This announcement is significant in view of Abhishek Bachchan’s birthday on February 5 and Pandit says, “Yes, I want to create a film that does justice to the immensity of his talent. He is an extremely gifted entertainer and it has been an outright delight to work with him. The continuation ideally will offer us one more opportunity to make wizardry together.”

The producer is in the process of buying the rights of a book and says, ” I can’t divulge much about what the sequel will be based on but the premise is going to be very interesting.”

‘The Big Bull’ was released on Disney Plus Hotstar in 2021 and was a fictional tale of a notorious stockbroker named Hemant Shah.