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A Woman Who Creates Skies Of Her Own With Her Talent


Ali Peter John

I remember the days when a young actresses was a beauty queen was run down by every filmmaker she met, looking for an opportunity to make it as an actress, like many other beauty queens before her had done and some had even succeeded. It was my young director friend Raj Kanwar who gave her the first break and yet filmmakers were almost going to write her of and the only reason they gave for taking such a cruel decision was that she was only a glamour doll or a pretty paper puppet.

She had to carry onn with all these insults and the humiliation till she did some good films in which she had leading role which made sense. And the one director who made a big difference to her career was Vishal bhardwaj, who was the first to recognise the actress in her. He cast her in his other films, but the one film he made with her that made her very big difference to her career was ‘Saat Khun Maaf’ in which Vishal had the confidence to get the best out of her and she went out of her way to more that this up to the confidence of Vishal. She played the aging wife of Naseer Uddin Shah and it was the first time that critics and common cinegovr appreciated. she was now on her way to reach the top as an actress with the support of her parents, Dr.Ashok Chopra and Mrs. Madhu Chopra. She had profeessional problems with the man who called himself her mentor and manager,but she got over all her problems and only focused on her growth as an actress.

Her wish was granted to her when she had cut films like ‘ Marry Kom’ ,’Fashion’ ,Bajirao Mastani’ and and others which gave her both respect and reward,but above all the responsibility to keep coming up with one better performance and another and she got into the habit of not letting her self down as a dependable actress.

She had now become Priyanka Chopra, one of the formidable actresses who would take on any kind of challenge and writers and directors made all out efforts to create roles for her calibre, knowing fully well that she would do justice to the hardwork they had put in.

She soon realised that she had received a lot from the industry and it was time to pay back. She and her mother started their own production company and made films in regional languages,especially Marathi films. It was why she was at the peek of her career that her father who was her friend and guide died of a massive heart attack which shattered for quite some time, but good sense prevailed and she was back as the ambicious actress waiting to grab every piece and colour of the sky.

He always wanted to make a name in Hollywood and she got the chance of a life time when she was selected to play one of the lead roles in the Hollywood series Quantico and followed it up with a full pledged role in the featured film Bay watch and she was accepted as an actress who could make it on an international standard.

But, she was also growing in age and needed to settle down in life and it was this quest or a life partner that ended with Nick Jones who was several years longer than her and they got married at a function and a reception were worthy of royalty.

She was out of India for several months and there were people who were willing to predict the end of her career in Hindi films, but she was too much of her fearless fighter to give up and when she took up her next big step in India, it had to be something very different and that search for something different and that search ended in her doing a film like ‘ The sky is pink’, director by the award winning and controversial women director Ms. Shonali Bose . The film is a very sensitive,touchy ,thorny and tropical film which deals with the issues of modern days women in India or for that matter even the world, because ain’t all womens issues all over the world almost the same ?

Priyanka plays an aging mother of a teenager daughter in the story and it can only be fire and more fire of a very different colour when Priyanka spells, screams and even spits out fire.

Shonali’s film may fulfill the ambition of Priyanka to be known as one of the best actresses in India and maybe even in the world one day .

Will that day come for Priyanka ? As an observer of her growth write from that first day at Natraj Studios to the international stage today, I don’t think the priyankas of the world give up so easily and give up at her time when they have touched the sky and are willing to explore the various colours of the sky. They  will, espcially Priyanka with the support of her husband, Nick Jones will not rest till she is crowned the queen of the many skies she hopes to rule over some day.

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