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Fifty years ago, stars like Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, and Dev Anand use to meet over tea and breakfast at  Talk Of The Town, Parisian, Berrys and Gordons, and the Ball Room and the Sea Lounge at the Taj Mahal Hotel

Then they shifted to other smaller cafes and restaurants in Central Bombay and Bandra and finally shifted to the Juhu Hotel and other new hotels in Juhu and Bandra

And in the 80s almost all film activities moved to Bandra and Juhu and later to Four Bungalows, Seven Bungalows, and the Fisherman’s Village of Versova

In the 80s film activities and production, offices shifted to the two sections of Aram Nagar and then to MHADA and Adarsh Nagar

Time was when stars kept themselves away from the crowds and hid behind dark screens of their cars and other secret places

And now stars are openly being seen in the many new stylish coffee shops and cafes where boiled water and tea leaves are served at ninety rupees a glass and served by young girls in stylish uniforms and caps that went out of fashion a hundred years ago

Stars, superstars, and stars beyond superstars are seen sipping tea and gossip at these cafes and then walking across the roads and no one seems to be interested in casting a second look at them

Will This be the new look and the new style and the new way of life of the stars to come five years from now

Is this the beginning of a new revolution to come in this industry which has been waiting for a revolution for far too long?

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