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I don’t know if the fault is really with the stars in the sky, but I know that if the stars on earth have or create any faults, their faults can have a very negative or even dangerous repercussions on a lot of people in the industry where these stars and how they rule make a very big difference through the way the world goes around. It has always happened. It still happens and will always happens – ALI PETER JOHN

And the world of hindi films has always been ruled by a couple of stars who shine and on whose shining depends to a very large extent the fortunes of the industry.

Surprisingly, these powerful stars also came under the impact of the pandemic and they lost their shine during the pandemic and the lockdown.

But their shine continued and if they make the right use of it, they may be the same stars or even glow into bigger stars in the time to come.

Let’s look at the three big Khans , Shahrukh Khan , Amir khan and Salman Khan. SRK was under a cloud even before the pandemic could strike when his films like Fan and Zero failed to make the same impact as his earlier films made.

He had taken a voluntary break and was looking for the right kind of subjects to strike back and was struck by the Aryan Khan case which gave him a bad jolt from which I don’t think he has been able to recover till now.

The High court of Bombay has however given Aryan a clean chit and SRK may start building his career again by the end of november and he has two very good films like Pathan and Lion on his hands and there are a number of filmmakers who want to start films with him which includes Raju Hirani and it has to be seen how his fans in the industry react to him now when he is 56 and has gone through one hell of a experience in the case of Aryan.

Salman has only one film on the floors and that is Antim directed by his friend Mahesh Manjrekar nothing much has been heard about this film, but what happens to the film at the box office will say a lot for the future of Salman.

And Aamir Khan has been in and out of controversies even while making his most talked about film ‘ Lal Singh Chadda’ which is a remake of ‘Forrest Gump’
starring Tom Hanks.

The film which also has Kareena Kapoor and Naga Chaitanya from the south in key roles was to be released a year ago but the pandemic came in its way and it is now said that it will be released in December 2022 during Christmas.

The other khan , Saif Ali Khan had a bad outing recently with Bunty aur Babli 2 and it looks like he has very remote chances of building a good enough career for himself in the near future.

The only other star who seems to be going strong is Ajay Devgan who has good films and is also doing well as a producer with films like Singham 3 and Golmaal 5 in various stages of production. He is also producing May-day which brings back Amitabh Bachchan with him after Major Sahab made more than 35 years ago.

All the other male stars are in a neither here or there stage and will have to improve their status if they have to matter in the future. The one male star who may make it on sheer talent is Ranveer Singh may may make it to the big time with 83 in which he plays a difficult role of Kapil Dev , the captain of the team which one the World Cup in Cricket in 1983.

The actresses who are in the competition for the big league are clearly Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone and all the others have miles and miles to go even if they have to go anywhere near a goal that matters.

These are some of the stars who can change the sultry scene and season in the industry and who knows when some new stars may spring up from some corner and make a difference to the way films are made and to the way they fare at the box office which is the only thing that matters in the ultimate analysis. There was a time when we had stars who could guarantee box office success. Why don’t we have such stars with the golden jubilee, diamond jubilee and silver jubilee touch these days when we need them the most?

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