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Things were normal with the world and also with the world of Hindi films, till the Corona virus struck both the worlds and left them in serious trouble and they are still in trouble since last two years – Ali Peter John

It looks like they have come to a standstill and are now slowly struggling to stand on their feet again .

The film industry , especially Hindi films has been reduced to a sheer skeleton of what it was some years ago and it will take a literal war to fight and fill the skeleton with life again .

How can we bring life where there is no life left ? We can , if we have the will to work hard and the ambition to build dreams again .

We have learned a very good lesson from the pandemic and lesson is that we have to learn to learn from what we have lost ( and what a way we have lost in every way ) we will have to be very careful about everything we do from the thought stage , to the writing stage, to the planing stage and to the execution stage .

We have learnt how money plays very important part and will play an important part in the future too.

And so we will have to respect money and not splash it around like we have been doing for years.

All the stars will have to put their heads together and see that they don’t charge the kind of crores that sometimes choke their producers .

Directors and other technicians will have to keep welfare of the entire film in mind because ultimately it is the team that gives all their source of livelihood ( rozi roti) .

Never before have we found an opportunity to look at a shattered industry and never before have we had the opportunity to build a shattered film industry again.

Let us all put our heads, hands and minds together and work like one family to build our home again and lead it to progress , prosperity and peace in the years and times to come . Here’s wishing us all the best for a bright and better future .