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Aarvika Gupta hopes to impress the audience with her words and melodies in coming times


Tera Kya Hoga Alia actor Aarvika Gupta has always been fond of music. Seeing her interest her father gifted her a harmonium when she was young and Gupta has not just learnt how to play the instrument but would also play the same while singing- Jyothi Venkatesh

“I am not a trained singer but I used to participate in singing competitions and various functions in my school and college. I won a lot of these competitions too,” she says.

Not many know that Gupta nurtures the hobby of lyric writing. “Whenever I think of a few lines or words, I love writing them down into meaningful and thoughtful lyrics.

I started writing for music videos and films too. Two of my Hindi songs have already got recorded and I am going to sing some more songs soon.

I have got an opportunity to sing a Telugu song in a Telugu film where I play the lead. It will be out soon.

Though I was not confident given the language, my music director encouraged me, gave me confidence.

It turned out well,” says Gupta, who has started taking music lessons from a friend who is a music teacher.

Music is peace for Gupta. It feels like meditation to her. “I hope in the coming times I would be able to impress the audience with my words and melodies.

I feel it’s an advantage when you are both an actor and a singer. Knowing two different things help you emote and understand certain things better,” she concludes.