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Aazaad Sings In Sanskrit For Namaste Hindurashtra


Jyothi Venkatesh

Aazaad has this time sung an inspiring patriotic Sanskrit number for his next film, titled NAMASTE HINDURASHTRA on the auspicious day of Sankranti (14th January). He has also written the song and also set it into his own tune. The song is a memorable tribute to Dr. Moonje, former President of Hindu Maha Sabha, Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, leader of military education in India and commandant Major P.B. Kulkarni who was also the Guru of Ramdanee Megastar Aazaad.. Aazaad who is also a writer, director and a actor is known for his Sanatani nationalistic thinking and image. Earlier through his nationalist classic film RASHTRAPUTRA, he filled the trumpet of nationalism and spread Indianisation to the whole world by screening his film in the 42nd Cannes Film festival.After that the first mainstream Sanskrit film of World History AHAM BRAHMASMI was introduced to the world audience in Delhi recently. Now, Azaad has created another film MAHANAYAKAN, in Tamil language to create cultural and linguistic bridges between present-day North and South India and to realise the purpose of One India Superior India. Azaad is a North Indian Kashi resident, his incarnation as MAHANAYAKAN in Tamil is the beginning of another history. Incidentally, Bombay Talkies Film  Studios which has introduced iconic actors and filmmakers like Ashok Kumar,Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand,Dilip Kumar,etc. has also introduced Azaad as the writer,director and actor with RASHTRAPUTRA, produced by Kamini Dube in association with Bombay Talkies  Film Studios.

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