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Vijayanagar will soon be supervised by the Queens of Krishnadevaraya (ManavGohil) on Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama. The show which successfully

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Vijayanagar will soon be supervised by the Queens of Krishnadevaraya (ManavGohil) on Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama. The show which successfully completed more than 500 episodes so far has gained immense love and support from its viewers for its exciting story line and vivid characters. This legendary show is heading towards an interesting twist in the upcoming episodes where Krishnadevarayawill leave the entire running of the Kingdom to his queens.

Following Krishnadevaraya’s concern about the welfare of the kingdom in his absence, he decides to train his queens in political matters of the Kingdom so that they can take responsibility when necessary. The queens, on the other hand, refuse to take over this huge responsibility, believing they lack the desired ability to rule a thriving kingdom like Vijayanagar. When this effort of his fails, Krishnadevaraya decides to take an entirely different route. He leaves the kingdom and gives the reins of the city to the queens. With great powers come great responsibilities. The upcoming episodes will reveal an entirely new sarkar, ‘Maharaniyoki Sarkar’, in Vijayanagar.

Will the queens be able take on this huge responsibility?

Manav Gohil, essaying the role of Krishnadevaraya said, “I really appreciate the concept in the upcoming episodes, and I am sure our viewers will like this new sarkaraj in Vijayanagar. I believe there is nothing that women can’t accomplish or take control of and I have complete faith in the queens that they will be successful in running the kingdom and making important decisions. I want to thank our viewers for supporting us all along.”

Sonia Sharmaessaying the role of Chinnadevi said, “Vijayanagar will soon have women ruling the kingdom and I was really excited when I learnt about the upcoming episodes. We all enjoyed shooting this sequence and to be in charge of the political affairs as a queen was completely new for my character. It will be exciting for our viewers to witness what we have in store for them as it is a progressive and a strong concept.”

 Priyanka Singh, essaying the role of Tirumalamba said, “Krishnadevaraya has left all his responsibilities on the queens and the upcoming episodes will give our viewers a glimpse of Vijayanagar under the new Sarkar. It would be good to see Vijaynagar’s governance from a women’s perspective. I loved the script and I look forward to the responses from our viewers. I want to also thank our viewers for showering us with love and we all want to keep working towards entertaining them.”

Watch the queens take over and run Vijayanagar on Tenali Rama every Monday – Friday at 7:30 pm only on Sony SAB

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