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Abhi Se Kya Bataaye Kya Kya Hamare Dil Mein Hain?

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He says he has no story to tell about himself, but if he doesn’t, then who has? Amitabh Bachchan, a living legend who has gone beyond all description. What can one say about a man and an actor who has defied all traditions and trends and has reached the kind of peak that perhaps no other actor has or can ever reach. At seventy-seven and after performing feats that are extremely difficult to even imagine, he is still as active as ever. He is busier than many of the actors of his time and even those of the present time. He who has always been a favourite of time is still its favourite but these are times when he is overwhelming busy working in films, on ad films and socially aware films and on television. He finds time off from his very hectic schedule to talk to Super Cinema about everything important there is to know about him at a time when he is standing tall at one more crossroad of his life and career.

After seeing you in your new show, “Kaun Banega Crorepati”, all those who have been a witness to your saga are wondering from where you get all that energy. Your reaction

There is far too much unnecessary talk about energy and its play as far as I am concerned. I am beginning to now wonder whether it is a deliberate attempt to dissuade me from my work… please do not! Love of well-wishers is what keeps anyone going and I am no different!

Are you satisfied with the response to your serial “KBC”? A private survey conducted by students of mass communication has found it to be the most appreciated serial among all ages

I am no assessor of my own work. If this is what the report you have gathered states, then I am pleased.

What have been your achievements during last Diwali and this Diwali?
Three hundred and sixty-five days full of life and work.

What are your criteria now when you decide to accept a film?
The criteria has not changed …the offers have. I look for something to perform, a good story, a good maker and another job.

There are talks about your doing four or five films at seventy-five. What is the truth behind these numbers?

I would say that the talk is not entirely incorrect.

Why do you think an off -beat film like “Piku” which was appreciated by all classes and was also a box-office success?

There was great identification with each home and family. There was a feeling that this was something close to what most families experience. The daughter- father relationship was perhaps not been played out in this manner, and it became an attractive proposition.

How many socially aware (relevant) brands are you endorsing?
Many, I do not count social awareness attributes to my work.   And ‘relevance’ within brackets diminishes the importance and the value of socially aware conduct.

What is your take on the condition of the industry today?

It is alive and vibrant and successful and widespread and international and home to some of the finest talents the world of cinema has ever seen!

What kind of films and directors are you looking forward to work with?

That age and time of choice lying with me is gone and over. These days one just hopes and looks for work …from whatever quarter and whichever shape it comes in.

What is the difference between the school of directors you worked with once and the young directors like R. Balki, Shoojit Sircar and others you are working with now?
Woh vo the… yeh ye hain ….!!

How do you describe your long journey and will you ever find the time to write your autobiography? There are so many books and even theses being written about you, why not find time to tell your own story your own way?

I do not have a story to tell and there shall not be any effort to write it as well..

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At a time when other actors and directors of his time have taken a break or have been forced by nature or by circumstances to go into oblivion, this man Amitabh Bachchan is still going strong in spite of some physical and other obstacles that have come his way.

At seventy-seven, he is busier than any of the Khans, Kumars and other younger actors of today.

At this time when we are celebrating Diwali, Amitabh has his hands full of work, films and otherwise. He is completing work on Karan Johar’s “Brahmastra” with Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. He has signed a major English comedy to be made in Hollywood. He has several other projects which he is considering. This is besides “Kaun Banega Crorepati”, the any number of endorsements and ad films he does both for the government and for private projects. When asked about how he manages to work so much at this age, he just smiled and said, “if one can work, one has to keep working.”


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