Accident or Conspiracy Teaser is Out (The Godhra Riots 2002)

By Muskan Taneja
New Update
The Godhra Riots 2002

The teaser of the Accident or Conspiracy Godhra movie is out. The movie is based on the Godhra Riots 2002.

An accident or Conspiracy Teaser is out

This movie Accident or Conspiracy is based on true incidents, Film is making audience woke up to the reality and it is all about communal Roits and it calls the attack on Sabarmati Express ‘ghastly’. This movie will delve deeper to find the truth behind what caused the riots. Let see how makers depicts the movie.The movie is directed by the M.K. Shivaaksh and produced by BJ Purohit and Ram Kumat Pal. It is all done on February 27 2002, a train named Sabramati Express train which is going from Godhra to ahemdabaad was attacked by fire which caused death of 59 people. Makers are not revealing the cast yet.

Makers claimed about the movie

The teaser’s first scene is of train and suddenly that train is shown in fire. Releasing date of the film in not confirmed by the makers right now but Makers revealed that they heard many thing about this incidents on news but before making this movies they have researched about the incidents from last 5 years. They have claimed that there are many surprising facts which no one have a clue and will be shown in the movie. Stones were thrown on the train and then a coach was full on fire.Many of the people lost their lives.

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