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Action Master Rohit Shetty’s Entertaining Surprise For The Housemates


Just like every day, fights over breakfast has become a routine inside the house. Paras highlights that Arhaan has failed to complete his duties. Arhaan clarifies that they all had some food in the morning and he is not responsible for preparing breakfast according to their whims and fancies. The two get in a verbal spat when captain Shehnaz comes to rescue asking everyone to have a combined lunch and dinner.

Shehnaz is trying her best to prove her captainship spirit despite the rigidity she has been facing from the housemates. Vishal complains to her about the bathroom being dirty and begins to clean it herself. Irritated with everybody for making excuses and not performing their assigned duties, Sana decides to take the matter in her hands and do the work herself to avoid any further arguments.  Shehnaz blames Asim for not doing his bedroom duty and assigns him the bathroom duty instead which he refused to do due to his back issues. Asim complains and asks Shehnaz to give Sidharth more duties because he feels that she is giving him leeway. Sidharth overhears this and argues with for unnecessarily dragging him into the conversation. This triggers a massive clash of egos between the two and they start hurling abuses at each other.

Just when the two pacify, Bollywood’s action king and filmmaker Rohit Shetty makes a surprise entry inside the house. He abruptly enters from the captain’s room and leaves everyone in shock. Rohit requests the other housemates to wait inside while he speaks to Sidharth and Asim about their ongoing tussle. He tries to make them understand that their behavior is not looking good on screen. He also clarifies that the makers are not partial towards anyone and prove his points through various examples. Much to everyone’s happiness, he makes the call it a truce and hugs each other.

Furthermore, Rohit meets everyone and informs about the Bollywood style entertainment bonanza that he has planned for them. He divides them into two teams; Team Simba –  Sidharth, Paras, Aarti, Mahira and Shefali Jariwala and Team Singham – Rashmi, Arhaan, Asim, Vishal, Madhurima and Shefali Bagga. He informs the house that he has gifts for them that has been sent by their family members. But only the winning team will receive their gifts. He then calls Shehnaz and introduces her as the casting director and asks her to pick a hero, heroine, comedian, villain and supporting actor from the housemates. He later conducts three rounds wherein he makes the housemates sing, dance and enact various situations making them enjoy his presence thoroughly.

Will Asim and Sidharth rekindle their friendship? Who will be the lucky ones to get the gifts from their loved ones?

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