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Actor Ajay Arya making enter in Zee Tv show ‘Teri Meri Ek Jindri’ as psycho lover

“I am playing the character of Tillu, who is a  unpredictable guy. Tillu is someone who can do anything beyond his or anyone’s imagination.

I can relate that particular psycho emotion with Kangna Ranwat’s character in ‘Judgemental Hai kya’ Ajay Arya

In real life I respect everyone but this special character is total different. He is a physcopath and can do anything.
He is someone whom you would not like to be in your family. Being an actor I am very open to do any kind of role, and this role was really challanging for me.
Slowly the audience will get to know more about Tillu. He’s an amazing character”. Says Ajay Arya.

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