Actor Amit Sarin and child actor Bhavin Rabari recreate the famous Shah Rukh Khan signature posed

Actor producer Amit Sarin, who currently resides in the US, recently met child actor Bhavin Rabari who has brilliantly portrayed his role in Oscar nominated The Last Film Show. They got together and recreated the iconic signature style of Shah Rukh Khan’s famous signature pose. Speaking further on this Amit says,”People must have remembered I was part of a celebrity episode of Shah Rukh Khan hosted reality show Zor Ka Jhatka: Total Wipeout and during one of the episodes which I won, I  actually showed him his signature step, which I dedicated to my wife Vineesha and he happily joined me for it. The whole incident was so interesting and humorous because both of us were laughing about it that the Badshah of Bollywood  learning his own steps from me. I know how eagerly all of us are waiting for his film Pathaan. There is a huge expectation and I know he will not disappoint us. The way people have liked the trailer, I am sure they can’t wait for the release. His dedication and passion for the craft has been always visible in all of his roles and this is no exception. He will make a historic comeback and opening. Personally I love him as a person, have always loved his work.”