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Asmita Gupta, the wife of Santosh Gupta, the renowned filmmaker who had acted in many  feature films including Gadar , Ghatak, Andaz Apna Apna, Bichchu, Hafta Bandh etc, tele film Tamas, Swaraj, Lal Dupatta MalMal Ka, besides TV serials like Tipu Sultan, Honi Anhonee, Yug  etc died on Monday after both of them immolated themselves  at their modest flat in Andheri West at D.N. Nagar. While his wife Asmita was 55 year old, his daughter Sristi , a bright student, was just 16. Jyothi venkatesh
The police who had registered a case have said that  his wife Asmita had taken the extreme step due to prolonged ill health arising out of her being afflicted with a kidney failure due to which she had to undergo dialysis and the daughter who was very much attached to her mother took the extreme step due to trauma she had undergone because of her mother.It was when her neighbors had alerted the fire brigade
The mother and the daughter both were rushed to Cooper Hospital where Asmita was declared dead even before she was admitted, due to  100 % burn injuries while Srishti the daughter suffered  70 % burns and was rushed to  Airoli National Burns Centre, where she succumbed  on Tuesday morning, after giving a dying declaration that both the mother and the daughter were compelled to take to the extreme step and resort to committing suicide owing to her mother unable to come to terms with her ailment.

Actor- Director Santosh Gupta, who has been laying low after his last film Faraar starring Akbar Khan in the title role didn’t do well at the box office, says that he could not work due to going through a trauma in his personal life when he had separated from his wife two years ago, was slowly on his way to recovery when he completed a power packed script based on those bitter experiences. His film titled Pathbrasht will not only compensate for the financial losses of his maiden film Faraar but will also raise issues faced by victims of mockery of the judiciary system in our country. 

Santosh had spent his precious time of almost 5 years going through the trauma which he has brought in the scenario of his subject. He is sure that nothing will go wrong this time and he will be able to achieve his goal as the film will ‘connect’ with the masses including the younger generation. “My film is based on incidents in my life and I am ready to reveal my trauma on the screen a la Mahesh Bhatt so that others do not go through the same trauma due to hidden negative elements in disguise of politeness and help the weak minds in the society. I am sure that my film will surely touch the audiences’ hearts and create an awareness and awaken our judiciary system”.

I offer my sympathies to my good old friend Santosh Gupta and hope he will be able to recover from this grave trauma and come to terms with his life after losing his wife and daughter, who he used to dote on and love immensely.