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Actor Prakash Raj Called “The Kashmir Files” as propaganda


It has been almost two weeks since the release of the film The Kashmir Files and the film is constantly touching the hearts of the audience, the film is based on a true incident and after watching it everyone is quite emotional, very few Bollywood stars have come forward and commented on this film.

Meanwhile, actor Prakash Raj has given a controversial statement regarding this film, let us tell you that he has shared a video on Twitter in which people are getting very violent.

While sharing this video the actor wrote” #kashmirifiles this propaganda film … is it healing wounds or sowing seeds of hatred and inflicting wounds #Justasking”, actor Prakash Raj did not stop here he kept asking questions by tweeting one after the other.

In the next tweet, he said “Dear supreme Actor turned Producer.. will you arm twist these files too .. and release them #justasking”, would you love to make ‘ files ‘ like Delhi Riots , Godhra Case , Demonetisation and Covid.

In another tweet, the actor wrote”  Piles n Files Statutory Warning… If these bigots continue to divide our nation into Hindus n Muslims… We INDIANS will be a minority soon #justasking”, after all these tweets people are very angry with him and are also trolling him on his tweets.

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