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Actor “Rajesh Khera” Plays A Dreadful Villain In Zee5 Premium New Show “Ishq Aaj Kal” 


“I wanted my role to be better than last time, i wanted it to be dark, wicked, something never done before. As an actor the role was very fulfilling. I had the opportunity to enact all possible emotions through various scenes. After doing this show, I can truly say that I am a complete actor” says Rajesh Khera who will be seen in a negative role in Zee5 premium new show “Ishq Aaj Kal”. The actor is fond of playing dark roles and has a motto to follow “Dark is the new cool and I like that at the moment”

According to Rajesh, his character Jaaved who is a hotelier and runs a business of drugs is a pivotal one that stretches across the show “Season 4 reveals the truth about Jaaved’s character. The entire season 4 is dedicated to him. He is the Hero of season 4. Jaaved keeps finding himself in the corner but successfully manages his way out. He has to put up an act all the time, manipulate people, situations hoping that he does not get caught”

Rajesh describes his character as a suave, sophisticated and stylish businessman, who hates loosing “Jaaved hates defeat. He does not like defeat to the extent that when he is challenged by his loving son, he kills him and feels no remorse. He will do anything to win”

Rajesh says he puts in all his efforts to bring a scripted character to life with his appearance “I brought in a lot of style to Jaaved. In order to create a fully-realised three-dimensional person, I grew my salt and pepper handle bar moustache that suited the character very well”

He is sure he may surprise his fans when they will see him playing a father on screen, something he has always been apprehensive about “For the 1st time, I played a father’s character. I have always shied away from playing fathers role. The reason to grow the moustache was to look father to Angad and Puneet. The creative team would comment that without moustache I looked like their brother. Although it was fun to play father to Angad Hasija and Puneet Choksey. They are good kids” jokes Rajesh. 

Khera shares that his friend Niraj Kumar Mishra suggested him for Jaaved’s character “Niraj is the show runner & also a very old friend. Rohit Dwivedi, director of the web series was of great help whenever I found myself lost. He designed the scenes very well. Wherever I got stuck, he had a solution to it. It was lovely to work under his direction”

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