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Actor Sanjay Gagnani’s Social Ad Is Getting Praise From All Quarters


Jyothi Venkatesh

Sanjay Gagnani’s newest social commercial, which released recently has become the talk of town. It has Sanjay in six looks where the characters are talking about the perception of women our society has. Sanjay says,”It is a social cause ad based on women. It has been released on YouTube  now.

Later on, it might release in theatres too. The shooting process was nice and I got to learn something new. I felt versatile in different looks; donning six looks for one ad is new to me.” Sanjay also adds,”I said yes to the ad even before reading the script because I wanted to do my bit for women empowerment and slap those narrow minded people with the weapon of audio visuals. I read the script and it was an icing on the cake when I realised it demanded me to carry six different looks which were totally different from each other. I felt, I could prove my versatility by portraying six different characters in sixty seconds. I was really excited and when we filmed the ad. I was very particular about detailing of every look because I wanted to achieve perfection. I knew if I had to look the character completely, else the difference between looks won’t be noticed. Now when it is out, I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from my friends, fans and family. That made me even more happier.”

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