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Actor Tarun Khanna is all set for his upcoming debut web series ‘Geisha’ on Digiflix TV


There has been a lot of buzz about the actor Tarun Khanna who is known for his character portrayal of Mahadev, making his digital debut this year.

Actor Tarun Khanna will be seen playing a completely different avatar this time, he will be playing the role of CBI Inspector Rajveer Shikhawat.

“I still consider myself as a newcomer with every upcoming project of mine” Tarun Khanna

Speaking about this role and experience Tarun Khanna says, “I still consider myself as a newcomer with every upcoming project of mine.

I try to always bring something new for my audience that they might have never seen before. ‘Geisha’ is a story that talks about Struggle, Love, Murder and Mystery.

Digiflix TV is the only platform to bring exclusive content rich stories for its audience and I feel it will soon become NO.1 OTT platform app.”

“Geisha is a never before seen story which is so unique that I am sure people will love watching it on Digiflix Tv.

Our commitment is to bring original entertaining stories for our audience” Added Digiflix Tv COO Vishal Roy with immense excitement.

The series is produced by Hameer Joshi & Kunal Lakhe under the banner of Soft Focus Entertainment LLP.

‘Geisha’ will have a talented and popular cast of Aman Verma, Tarun Khanna, Malvi Malhotra and Vikram Dwivedi in leading roles

The web series is directed by Raaj Verma. ‘Geisha’ will have a talented and popular cast of Aman Verma, Tarun Khanna, Malvi Malhotra and Vikram Dwivedi in leading roles. The series will exclusively release on Digiflix TV.

Digiflix TV is an upcoming Indian app that offers both platforms of short entertainment videos (Digitok) as well as video on demand streaming OTT (Digimovies) for original web series and films, under the ownership of CEO Nishant Awasthi and COO Vishal Roy.

Small Conversation with Tarun Khanna’s who is soon going to make his debut in DIgiflixTv “Geisha” your reference:

1) What was the first reaction of yours when you heard the story of ‘Geisha’ and your character of CBI cop Rajveer Sheekhawat?

My first reaction was I have to do this role and that too in my way. I was not sure how this people would approach for the role but luckily they also accepted and supported my ways of portrayal for the role.

2) Can you tell us something about Geisha and its uniqueness from other names?

Geisha is a Japanese word which means a women entertainer. Anything that comes from the oriental side is really interesting and I feel ‘Geisha’ is really a fascinating name and everyone loved it in the team. I am sure people will also love it.

3) Can you tell us how differently are you planning to portray your character of cop?

A cops role has been done to death. Every actor in this industry has played a cop’s roles. But no matter what every film and every story is different.

There were 4 to 5 similar films like Mera gaon mera desh, Sholay, Do haatien bara haath then came karma and aandhi on toofan.

They all have a same backdrop of the story that two goons are hired to do the work. But every character of a cop was loved and seen differently.

That is how you do it, every actor has his personality to potray the character. My character of rajveer will be seen more inclined towards the reality, like a real world cop.

4) Can you tell us about your experience of shooting with the team of ‘Giesha’ and Digiflix Tv?

Team ‘Geisha’ is a family now and entire Digiflix TV team is my home. Vishal dada the COO of the company is like a father figure too me.

Entire team has become family we enjoy together, support each other as well as help each other. This tells about my experience.

5) How was the equation of everyone on the sets of ‘Geisha’? any specific moment that you would like to share with our audience, that happened during the shoot?

There are so many moments which I would like to share but the one moment which is my favorite is about a scene which was given to me before the shoot.

I know Aman Verma from a very long time and he is my senior, while practicing a scene before shoot, I had 4 pages of dialogue to speak at stretch.

Aman helped me and guided me a little how I can use props, take gaps etc. I think this is what a family is every senior help their juniors to get through the scene.

6) OTT platforms are the new emerging platforms in our country right now, Digiflix Tv is also one of the newest joining the race, your take on it?

I feel Digiflix TV is in the right direction and with a little luck and time, they will be on the top rubbing their noses with the big OTT platforms of the world.

7) Do you have any memories of mayapuri magazine?

I remember mayapuri from my childhood days. It used to have a long cover with an actress on the front page.

I used to wait for the next edition to see who will be there the next time as this was the only exposure we had in those days.

8) Any message to your fans?

My only message would be, try to do something good for the society. If you can to do something out of the box start with simple things like stop smoking, don’t litter garbage and all.

And if you are following such things already then at least try to make one person join you in there good habits.