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Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Actor Vineet Raina from the show ‘Meri Gudiya’ is a great artist in his personal life!

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‘Meri Gudiya’ show presented by Star Bharat is based on a unique story of a mother-daughter where a mother dies and returns to protect her 4-year-old daughter Avi and her soul settles into her daughter’s doll. This story is liked by the audience very much. Actor Vineet Raina, who has won the hearts of the audience with his acting, has recently entered the show in his unique avatar as Rahukaal. Vineet is not only a good actor in his personal life and is also a great artist. He makes freestyle paintings in free time, know!

Vineet says, “Whenever I am free, I put my thoughts on my canvas. Whether it is a person, a place or a situation. I never make my own painting and keep it with myself. Mostly I gift my paintings to my friends. Whenever I am free on the set, I just suddenly start sketching on a piece of paper. It makes me feel better. Due the current situation, I would like to utilize this time to explore the artist in me.”

Vineet further adds, “My friends like my paintings very much. They often ask me to paint myself so that they can decorate my new painting in their house. So whenever I get time at home, I put my mind on the canvas. This is a great way for me to make myself happy.”

In such a situation, it has been decided that actor Vineet Raina is not only a good actor but also a great artist.

Watch ‘Meri Gudiya’ show every Monday to Saturday at 8 pm only on Star Bharat.

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