Actor Yogendra Kumaria talks about his role in Yash Patnaik's  Gauna: Ek Pratha !

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Yogendra Kumaria
Yogendra Kumaria plays the role of Mahindra in Gauna: Ek Pratha on Shemaroo. The show is produced by Yash Patnaik and Mamta Patnaik’s Inspire Films. The show touches upon an important subject and beautifully depicts how such things impact humanity. The actor talks about his journey on the show.

“I play Mahindra, who is a politician, and he can go to any extent to protect his daughter.  When the role was narrated to me I was convinced about it. I have never done a character like this in a daily soap and therefore found Mahindra very intriguing and I was like I must play the character,” he says.

About how much he relates to Mahindra, he adds, “The day you start prepping for a role or when you play a role, you put a part of yourself in the character. In this case too, I relate to the emotion of a father, who can do anything for the happiness of his daughter.”

Yogendra Kumaria
That Yogendra is enjoying his stint in the show is evident. “I have great expectations as the script is quite interesting and we have a very talented team, who has put in all the hard work to make this show a grand success. It has all the ingredients to keep you hooked to the show that has drama, love, bonding and all kinds of emotion,” shares the actor, who enjoys unwinding with good food and sleep after a hard day at work.

About working with Yash, Mamta and team Inspire Films, he says, “It is my good fortune to have this opportunity to collaborate with the team. My last stint with them was Rakshabandhan and it was a wonderful experience. Along with the great memories I made during my last show, I have come back for a new venture hoping to spend more such unforgettable times. It has always been a great pleasure to work with Yash Ji and Mamtaji. I am happy and thankful that they keep considering me again and again.” (Yogendra Kumaria)

The TV industry has evolved over the years. And, the actor has also been a witness to some of these changes.
“Yes, the scenario is changing day by day, and new content is coming. The channels, producers and creatives’ are trying different ideas and concepts to hook the audiences to the shows. And they are doing a wonderful job because it is not easy to engage the audiences along with their family without any vulgarity, sexual content or abuses. I think that TV Is doing quite well and it will get better with time,” he adds.

OTT has given competition to TV. “TV is to be viewed with friends and family and OTT basically is for private viewing. The majority of shows on OTT are for private viewing, you cannot watch it with family. OTT is extended entertainment like you have social media and other modes of entertainment. Similarly OTT is one mode of entertainment. The stories that you cannot watch with your family, you can watch on OTT,” he says.

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