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Actors Give Their Thumbs Up To The Bill Of The Death Penalty For Rape, Acid Attack And Child Abuse


The Maharashtra Shakti Act which says that the cabinet of Maharashtra approves the bill of the death penalty for rape, acid attack and child abuse, has been passed. Actors give their take on the same to JYOTHI VENKATESH.

Subuhii Joshi

I think this is a great thing. It should have happened much earlier. I am sure it will reduce the occurrence of such acts. I think till the time people are not dealt with strictly, they don’t listen. Like till the time they were not fined, they were not wearing masks. Till you don’t become so strict with them, they don’t stop. If now they will have this in their head that they will die if they do this, it might stop them. It’s a great step. It’s not like acts like these have just started happening, they have been happening since ages. It was necessary for such a step to be taken. I am glad this happened.

Vijayendra Kumeria

I have always wished for something like this and whenever asked about this, I have always said that the death penalty should be the only judgment for these convicted criminals, such criminals should have no human rights as they are not humans if they do such heinous crimes. I am in full support as this is absolutely the need of the hour. This will definitely reduce the occurrence of such devilish acts.

Aniruddh Dave

Actors-give-their-thumbs-up-to-bill-of-death-penalty-for-rape-acid-attack-and-child-abuseThe first thing that I want to say is kudos! This was really required. If such punishment is there then people would think twice before committing such heinous crimes. They will think about their own lives before attempting such acts.

Meera Deosthale

Actors-give-their-thumbs-up-to-bill-of-death-penalty-for-rape-acid-attack-and-child-abuseI think this is clearly the need of the hour. These animals have not spared even little children and they must be punished in the most severe way. I am happy that their lives will be taken. This is something that should have been done long back.

Vivian Dsena

Whenever I read about rape in the newspaper, my blood boils. I have always thought that these criminals don’t deserve to live after making someone go through something so brutal. And they don’t even spare little children! I am happy that now capital punishment will be given to them.

Sharad Malhotra

Actors-give-their-thumbs-up-to-bill-of-death-penalty-for-rape-acid-attack-and-child-abuseI have always spoken about how such animals should be given the harshest of punishments and I feel that there is no punishment that is harsher than capital punishment. This is ideal for them as the crime that they have committed is the worst.

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