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“Actors In Theatre Need To Be Paid More,” Says Gautam Rode


Jyothi Venkatesh

Gautam Rode who has earlier already dabbled with films and television is now all set to make his debut in theatre.  Experimenting with the medium for the first time, Gautam will be seen playing a Kathak dancer in a play titled Aarohi.  Speaking about theatre as a medium Gautam says, “Its by far the most challenging project I have taken up so far.  I had always heard that theatre is for ‘serious’ actors but after actually having rehearsed day in and day out, I realize how challenging it is.  And after so much hard work that an entire team puts in, looking at the earnings I feel that theatre truly isn’t getting its due.  There needs to be more support financially that needs to come into this medium.  Its a heavily underpaid medium and I see the struggle which everyone from the makers to the actors are facing to deliver quality in the limited budgets they have.  There really is no money for them to be able to go beyond and better as well as actually take a good amount home for all the hard work they are putting into the craft.  Most are doing theatre for the love and passion for the craft but I still feel if the medium were to be backed up financially more, we would truly have a rich experience for the audience along with a booming industry which is churning out great numbers in profits too.”

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