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Actor’s Producers Binaiferr And Sanjay Kohli Get A Thumbs Up From Their Cast For Good Safety Measures On Set


Jyothi Venkatesh

With the ongoing pandemic of COVID 19, everything has changed. From the way people meet to the way they work, social distancing and sanitization have become the priority for everyone. The television industry, which is slowly embracing the ‘new normal’ has started going back on sets. While many are scared of what may happen, producers Sanjay Kohli and Binaiferr Kohli of EDIT II Production house have won the hearts of their cast and crew with their efforts to protect everyone. Rajesh Kumar, who is seen in the show Excuse Me Madam!, reveals what it is like to shoot for EDIT II’s show amid the pandemic. “Edit II for me is like coming home. I worked with them in 2009 a serial and since then we didn’t get a chance to work but we were always in touch. They take care of everything.

They have medical bins for used masks and gloves, they have separate bins for trash. Cleanliness is something they take very seriously. You can walk barefoot on the sets if you want because everything is so clean. They treat us like children and they treat us the way they treat themselves. There is nothing better than that,” he says.Rajesh goes on to add how they only take masks out during the shot. “Everything gets sanitized before getting used. We are made to use sanitizer after every shot. We don’t remove our masks until we start a scene. Rehearsals are done with masks on. Only the essential people are there on sets,” he says.
Kamna Pathak, who is seen playing the role of Mrs. Rajesh Happu Singh in the comedy show Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, details on how working with a responsible production house looks like every day. “We wear masks and gloves when we go even for readings. The rooms get sanitized thrice. Once after we leave, then in the morning and once while we are there. Every individual room also gets sanitised and there are masks and gloves in every room. So, whatever precautions we know, we take them,” she says.Kamna also adds, “Personally, what we do is that earlier we used to hug when we would meet our co-actors, especially children.

But now the mind alerts you and naturally, we end up doing namaste and greet verbally. I carry Tulsi drops and have it 3-4 times. As a production house, Edit II gives that kind of confidence that we can work safely with them. It is a big thing that this confidence is coming from the producers. We get sanitized every day, then we get our temperature checked every day. We were fresh masks and gloves and then proceeded inside towards our rooms. Even after that, I am habitual of cleaning my table with sanitizer and tissue. Everyone on sets maintains a certain distance on sets. Even after every scene, we use sanitizer. The production house is taking care of us and we are also ensuring that we take care of ourselves,” she says.