Actors reveal Musical Favourites on World Music Day!

Actors : Music is a form of expression that allows us to convey feelings melodiously. On World Music Day, &TV actors talk about their love

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Actors reveal Musical Favourites on World Music Day!

Music is a form of expression that allows us to convey feelings melodiously. On World Music Day&TV actors talk about their love for music and the singers they admire the most. These include Darshan Dave (Randheer Sharma, Doosri Maa), Sapna Sikarwar (Bimlesh, Happu Ki Ultan Paltan), and Rohitashv Gour (Manmohan Tiwari, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai).

Darshan Dave (Doosri Maa, Randheer Sharma)

Darshan Dave, aka Randheer Sharma from Doosri Maa, shares, Music is a source of solace to me. My mother is a musician, and I have fond memories of listening her sing and play instruments while growing up. She is the ultimate inspiration for me to pursue music passionately. I have produced and composed many music albums and wish to record more. Apart from singing, I can play guitar. I like to sing or create music in my studio whenever I am not shooting. Apart from my mother, I have always admired Kishore Kumar Ji and Mohammed Rafi Ji. Both have created some of the greatest music of all time. There is no comparison to the calibre, dedication, and sincerity they have shown towards music. The world would be colourless without music, so enjoy your favourite music this World Music Day.”Sapna Sikarwar (Bimlesh, Happu ki Ultan Paltan) world music day 2023Sapna Sikarwar, aka Bimlesh from Happu ki Ultan Paltan, shares, Music gives me a sense of comfort and elevates my mood. I like listening to sufi, ghazals, classical music, and Bollywood chartbusters. One of my favourite singers is the legendary Asha Bhosle Ji. She is the melody queen, and I grew up listening to her. She has been an inspiration not just for me but for millions. I am so glad that World Music Day reminds us that we must take time off from our hectic lives and rejuvenate.” Rohitashv Gour (Manmohan Tiwari, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai) World Music Day 2023Rohitashv Gour, aka Manmohan Tiwari from Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, shares, “Music is in my blood, as I come from a family with a strong interest in art. I can sing decently and play table masterfully. I learned to play tabla during my school days and practice it as a hobby till date. I got interested in music because of my sisters. My elder sister plays the sitar wonderfully, while my younger sister is a singer. So, whenever they used to play the sitar and sing, I used to play the tabla for them. I prefer classical music and love Mohammad Rafi and Manna Dey's songs. Also, singers like Kishore Kumar Ji, KJ Yesudas Ji, Pankaj Udhas Ji, and Lata Mangeshkar Ji are some of my favourites. I wish you all a happy World Music Day.”


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