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Actors Tell To Come Up With Ways To Control Pollution On National Pollution Control Day

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Ankit Bathla

 I think the odd-even rule which was started in Delhi was a great initiative to control pollution. We should all try and use public transport as much as we can. It’s a mindset in India that using public transport is below your dignity. If you go to any other country, you will see that people widely use public transport but also public transport it is very well developed. So, I think we should also take steps towards developing public transport so that more and more people can use it.

Anupam Bhattacharya

 Air is one of the essentials which support life itself and it is under a tremendous threat as air quality all over the country or at least most part has taken a hit. So, be it the greenhouse emissions, cutting of trees, increased number of vehicular traffic and stubble burning, everything causes grave health concerns. Stubble burning has been a burning issue with the neighboring states and it has to stop. It is important to find alternative ways of disposal. The government should have policies to discourage people from buying multiple cars. We need to wake up before it’s too late.

Pooja Pihal

 It’s the government’s responsibility to improve the public transport system so that people prefer using it rather than their private vehicles. The government should ensure the proper connectivity of the transportation system. They should move factories and industries out of the city. As citizens, we should use private vehicles less and should commute using public transport like a metro train.
Karuna Pandey

 As far as pollution control is concerned. I think we must encourage CNG vehicles. It’s much cleaner than diesel and petrol. Burning waste like tyres and leaves etc must be categorized as a punishable offense. Roads must be maintained well so that the traveling time of a vehicle can be reduced. Sharing taxies must be encouraged. Rest, I think the government must have already started doing things in a systematic way. Hope for the best.

Amal Sehrawat

 Pollution is a very serious issue and it’s high time we need to address it. Due to pollution, there are so many new diseases and allergies that have come up. Even medical companies are surprised and puzzled at what medicines they should make to counter these allergies and diseases. I think the biggest step that should be taken by the citizens is that they should start traveling by public transport because when one person drives one car, 100 people drive 100 cars. Whereas 50 people easily accommodate in one bus. My opinion is that please stop using your personal vehicles only use them if it’s very urgent. I am very happy the way Arvind Kejriwal has taken a decision of applying this odd and even rule in Delhi.

Puneett Chouksey

Air quality is going down and air pollution is increasing. The air which we breathe is getting very polluted because of factories. I think there should be a particular area for the factories to be set up. The government gives permission to set factories in the city due to which the air we breathe as oxygen is not good at all and we suffer from different kinds of diseases. I hope that we should take some measures and develop an industrial area out of the city. Delhi is the city which is suffering the most right now. During winter, it is very cold in Delhi and so they burn leaves and all sorts of things to get heat. But I request people not to burn rubber and plastic materials due to which air pollution increases.

Amit Sarin

It’s a well-known fact that air quality gets very bad during this time of the year. It’s overdue to take drastic measures to control it and bring it to normal. This should be treated as a war situation by the government. It is essential to introduce programs for citizens to participate in to handle such a crisis. To breath, normal air is the most basic need of human being.

Shweta Rohira

A lot of measures and actions should be taken. However, we all can take baby steps like carpooling or taking public transport or for that matter walking small distances. Also, I always believe we should give back to our Mother Earth so we should plant as many trees as we can and nurture them and motivate people to do so too.

Mohsin Khan

I don’t keep my car engine running at a signal, I try to reduce the use of air conditioner in my car and at home and I get my car PUC checked on time. I plant trees and small plants. I try to cover my face with a mask or a clean handkerchief when I am exposed to a highly polluted area.

 Aniruddh Dave

I always see that my actions don’t exploit our environment. Small things make a big difference. So, at home, I have told my house help that the water used for washing vegetables should be used to water the plants. I take care of my car and get the maintenance is done from time to time.

 Rakhi Vijan

I make sure that the leftovers are used as fertilizers. I switch off the lights and fans and appliances, when not needed. I also make sure that people around me don’t litter. We just have to realize that just like we keep our houses clean, we have to keep our environment clean as well.

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