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Actress Charu Kashyap Shares Her Skincare Tips 


She is every girl’s envy on beauty & fashion fore front. If you need lessons on how to look perfectly put together all the time, Charu is your go-to star.

How is her skin so perfect? What does she do? Waoo, look at her skin! Charu is not new to these compliments. The actress will spill some beans on her beauty regime which she follows.

“Removing makeup before sleeping & wearing sunscreen every day are two things I swear by” says Charu.

“I am most particular about removing all my makeup and keeping my skin clean before I go to bed. No matter how tired I am or how hectic my day has been, I always make it a point to take it off ” says the actress who wears makeup, including occlusive base products like foundation, on a regular basis, so cleansing is key.

Kashyap is also a fan of a skincare routine that exfoliates, cleanses and hydrates the skin. She relies on sunscreen, which she “applies twice a day” and a night cream to hydrate the skin “Sunscreen is important. If not worn it can damage your skin from within. I wear a sunscreen every day irrespective of the weather”

When asked about her favorite skin care brands “I love brand like Esteel Lauder and Clinique, they do some really good skin care”

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