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Actress Lizaa Malik requests everyone through Mayapuri platform


We all know Lizaa Malik has been a very enterprising person. Other than she being an actor and performer she has also been into multiple businesses such as restaurant, lesioning and now she is exploring the digital and corporate world -Sulena Majumdar Arora

She has been stationed in Delhi for quite sometimes. She has taken a sabbatical from acting, singing and performing till the time covid settles down.

She doesn’t want to take chances. She is safe so far and she is working from home in delhi.

Since it’s a corporate set up there in Delhi and some of her employees have gotten infected with the disease, she is taking care of them and ensuring they recover along with her working partner.

Be it providing for hospital beds for emergency cases or basics for the homes, Lizaa has taken the onus upon her to stand by her employees during this difficult time.

We spoke to Lizaa and here is what she has got to say, “It’s a precarious time for everyone. Things are falling off for a lot of people.

We have about 50 of our employees who tested positive. This is the time we have to stand for them and I am not turning away.

We are providing for ICU beds and literally anything that is required be it financially or emotionally.

We are in it together and we will stand strong. I also like to request everyone through Mayapuri platform to follow all the SOPs and take care of themselves.

Stay indoors if it’s not an emergency. And this too shall pass. We have to fight this battle together. Let’s all put up a brave face to the ugly virus. We will come out victorious.”

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