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Worldwide Records, the music company that brought a revolution in the Bhojpuri cinema world, has always been doing something new and unique. The company has always been providing a platform to new talented artists. In this episode, now Bhojpuri industry's cute girl actress Lovely Kajal has joined Worldwide Records. Where Lovely Kajal has been signed exclusively by Worldwide Records. Now new projects of Lovely Kajal Company are going to be seen.


It is expected that now Lovely Kajal will shoot films and albums only with Worldwide Records Music Company. She can also be seen acting as an actress in the films made by this company. She will also be seen spreading her charm in the best albums of the company.


Ratnakar Kumar, the owner of Worldwide Records, says that the company has been encouraging good artists since its inception and also gives a platform to new artists. Similarly, we have decided to identify the artist within Lovely Kajal and associate them with our company. And they have also agreed to work with us, after which they have signed a contract with the company.
On the same occasion, Lovely Kajal said that I feel very fortunate to be associated with Worldwide Records. The matter of Worldwide Records is something else, big stars have been given to this company, and maybe now my name will also be included in the list of those big stars. I cannot thank the MD of the company Ratnakar Kumar Ji enough. Thank you, Ratnakar sir.
On which projects of the company is Lovely Kajal going to work? This thing has not been disclosed yet. Prior to this, he worked in many projects of the company. But now she is exclusively associated with the company. Well it will be interesting to see what new things Lovely Kajal has to offer from Worldwide Records.

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