Actress Pranitaa Pandit turns hospitality entrepreneur with a lavish villa in Goa

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Actress Pranitaa Pandit and her husband Shivi have created this beautiful property in North Goa, Assagao, called Jade Villa. It was recently opened up for bookings and the couple has been getting a good response.
Throwing some more light on their entrepreneurial journey, Pranitaa says,” The journey from inception to completion lasted a year and a half. After a long wait, it's officially unveiled now. This wait would have been longer if we were not present throughout, but we were and thus managed to wrap it up within this timeframe. The decor and interiors resonate with both my family and me. Khushboo Parekh, an interior designer, skillfully orchestrated the arrangement, capturing the exact ambiance we desired. A significant amount of energy and dedication went into the project, and we managed to get what we wanted.”
Speaking more about the amenities inside the villa Pranitaa says,”Our primary focus is on catering to families and friends. The villa is designed to be child-friendly, with every aspect oriented towards creating a family-friendly atmosphere. To ensure comfort for elderly parents, we've included a lift, minimizing the need for excessive walking. This setting is ideal for individuals with infants, as well as for three families traveling together.“
The actress also shares her reasons for choosing Goa. “The standout feature is its prime location, nestled in the heart of Assagao. The property boasts of a compact yet charming design, offering coziness while providing the exact number of rooms you need. It comes complete with essential amenities such as power backup, a pool, and more. Plus, you can conveniently stroll to numerous nearby restaurants. Though many individuals commented that the property should be more spacious given its location in Goa. However, I believe the compact size is the USP as larger spaces often come with higher costs and maintenance challenges. We've successfully addressed all these aspects.”
Pranitaa also shares an interesting point of view on Goa. She adds,” During our youth, Goa was a favored destination for partying. However, when I visited Goa with Anysha, my daughter, the experience was entirely unique. It offers an incredible blend of lush greenery, majestic mountains, and stunning oceans. The abundance of nature is complemented by convenient access to resources, making it a comfortable place to stay. The area also boasts excellent dining options and various amenities.”
After hearing so much, we surely can't wait to spend our next vacation in Jade Villa!
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