Actress Priya Banerjee on embracing Kolkata's Heart, Food, and Culture in Debut Bengali Film 'Chaalchitro'"

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Priya Banerjee

Actress Priya Banerjee embraced a transformative experience while filming in the heart of Kolkata, a city pulsating with vibrant culture and history. Her journey echoed the essence of the City of Joy, encapsulating the warmth of its people and the enchantment of its locales.
For Banerjee, Kolkata wasn’t just a backdrop; it became an integral part of her filming escapade. The actress is all set to make her Bengali film debut with the highly anticipated project, Chaalchitro, directed by Pratim Gupta.

What truly resonated with Banerjee was the unwavering hospitality of Kolkatans. From savoring delectable Rosogollas to relishing Chicken Rolls at Park Street, the culinary escapades were a gastronomic delight. Yet, it was the genuine warmth of the locals that left an indelible mark on her heart—a palpable sense of kinship and camaraderie that transcended language barriers.


Speaking about the same Priya shared, “I’ve always been extremely keen on doing a film in my mother tongue mainly because I know it would make my parents really really happy and proud. Also I’ve spend a major chunk of my childhood in Kolkata so going back to work and shoot in the same city where I spend a lot of my childhood in with my family was quite an experience.
Got to visit places where I used to go as a kid with my parents specially the restaurants and stuff. Bengali cuisine is my favourite for obvious reasons and it bought back all the childhood memories.
However  working with actors who spoke Bengali on set wasn’t quite surprising as even in Mumbai quite a lot of the writers or people working on the set are Bengalis. But it definitely felt very nostalgic for me”.

Opening up about her love for Bengali fool the diva added, “Oh bengali food as I mentioned has always been my favourite. Kolkata street food and biriyani is my go to for sure. Their phunchkas (paani puri) is to die for and also the chicken rolls n Chinese from the streets are my favourite. I ate my heart out while I was there to shoot as I don’t get to go back very often.
For people visiting Kolkata street food is a must”.


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As she bid adieu to the city, she carried with her not just memories captured on film but an enduring fondness for Kolkata—a city that welcomed her with open arms and etched an unforgettable chapter in her cinematic journey.

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