Adaa Khan on Eid celebrations this year: It’s going to be special, we hope to celebrate it like we used to during the pre-covid times

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After the holy month of dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan, comes Eid al-Fitr. Musilms worldwide celebrate the breaking of the fast on this day.  It's a very auspicious occasion for them. Actor Adaa Khan, who has been observing Ramadan with her family, plans to celebrate Eid in her way. From waking up in the morning, eating sehri, offering prayer and then breaking the fast together at night with iftar for Ramadan, now is the time for them to make merry.

“We hope to celebrate Eid like we used to do pre-Covid times. It is going to be special,” she smiles.

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Talking about spirituality and that the power of prayer means to her, she says, “As you grow older, you begin to realise that the biggest power and only power belongs to the Almighty alone. So prayers help a lot in connecting with the Almighty.”

Adaa has many fond memories from her childhood. “Every Eid celebrated with my mom was beautiful. I miss her and the amazing sheer korma she used to cook. No festival feels the same without her,” she sounds emotional.

Praying gives inner peace. “With daily life taking its toll on you, it’s best to realise and submit yourself to the will of God and then life moves on without stressing you,” she adds.

publive-image Giving hope to those going through difficult times, the actor also urges people to help those in need. “Hang on ...there is always light at the end of the tunnel. But, the only condition is to keep walking forward. Helping the less fortunate is what keeps humanity alive. Always remember to help those in need if you are in a position to do so. And, also Thank God for his countless blessings on us,” she says.

So what is the most rewarding thing for you during Ramadan and Eid? “Experiencing the glory of the Holy Month of Ramadan with all the fasting, reciting the Holy Quran, praying for charity and piety in itself is a reward to every believer,” she signs off.

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