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Adhvik Mahajan Chooses Martial Arts Over Gym For Fitness!


Adhvik Mahajan, who is currently seen on StarPlus’ Divya Drishti has been winning hearts with his stunning acting and amazing persona. He is playing the role of a suave multimillionaire Rakshit Shergill who acts as a link between reuniting the sisters Divya and Drishti, and presently is married to Drishti.

Rakshit’s character is that of a brooding young Businessman, who is a fitness freak. Just like his on-screen character Adhvik is also a fitness enthusiast and doesn’t skip working out even for a day. It is the result of sheer hard work and sincere workout routines that the handsome hunk’s bare body scenes have left the audiences’ drooling.

Adhvik Martial Arts

These days all actors, vouch for fitness and they manage to take out time for their physical fitness. While gymming is one of the most common workout techniques, very few manage to learn and practice techniques other than gymming. Adhvik Mahajan who is a huge Martial arts lover says “I have been practising Martial Arts since a decade now. It is a part of my daily workout routine along with gymming. I follow different variations such as Mix Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Free Hand Techniques, Nun chucks to make my training more interesting and exciting.” He further added, “I love making my workout routine exciting and also I like learning and doing different things so that my workout regime doesn’t become monotonous and repetitive. It’s not easy to maintain a lean body with hectic shooting schedules, but when the role demands for it you have to be in the best shape. It feels beyond amazing when your fans compliment you for your rugged body, it is a testimony for all the hard work I have put in. I believe in following a strict workout regime and there are no off days for me.”

Adhvik Mahajan doesn’t just look alluring but his Martial arts technique will keep keep away from trouble as it’s a great form of self-defence. It’s amazing to see actors inspire the youth by giving out a message to follow and give equal importance to fitness as to any other thing in your daily life.

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