"Adipurush": What is the reason behind Raavan-turned-Saif Ali Khan keeping distance from the promotion of the film?

By Bollyy
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Saif Ali Khan's absence in the publicity campaign of "Adipurush" is disturbing to Saif's fans. But the matter is of a religious film, so people are reducing the criticism of this. The first promo of the film was released some 10 months back in October 2022. It was the time of Dussehra. For this promo release, South Indian hero Prabhas, who is playing the role of Ram in the film, reached Ayodhya for the first time. A procession was taken out - in which the song of the film 'Adipurush' could be heard playing. But then, after watching the first promo of the film on social media, Saif Ali Khan became the talk of the town. His bearded getup was widely criticized. Saif's beard style was similar to Muslim terrorist rulers Aurangzeb and Khilji as we have been reading in history books. Simply, people got angry at the fact that Ravana, the villain of our mythological story, was not like the terrorists.ADIPURUSH 1In 'Adipurush', Saif Ali Khan has played the character of Lankesh i.e. Ravana on the screen. Irritated with the bearded getup given to this role to make it look like Ravana, people started writing on social media to boycott the film. Fearing this, Ravana's face has been kept side-lined in the release of the film's second and third treasurer promos. There was news that Saif Ali Khan would change his beard to be included in the promotion, how much could be done? Now in theaters.publive-imageThe opponents who called for boycott of the film believed that Ravana had erudition, he had a forehead on his face, Tripund, he was a Brahmin, knowledgeable. 9 planets were tied to the leg of his chair. In the preview of the film, Lankesh was given a terrorist look as if he was like Aurangzeb and Khilji. There were calls to boycott the film saying that the audience would not accept Ravana or Lankesh's character in a distorted form.publive-imageThe audience is all set to welcome Prabhas as Ram and Kriti Sanon as Janaki on the big screen in the Rs 600-crore Adi Purush starring Saif Ali Khan. The initial trend of cinema houses is indicating that producer Bhushan Kumar (T-Series) and writer-director Om Raut are going to give a boost to Sanatan Dharma with this film based on the theme of Valmiki Ramayana.


-Translated by Muskan Taneja

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