Aditi and Adnan: I have even got mehendi applied and it also has Viaan's name on it

By Muskan Taneja
New Update

Question - Aditi and Adnan, how do you both see this inspiring award?

Adnan's answer - She herself is a very inspiring woman and at the same time she is also humble, funny, and sweet.

Aditi's answer - Adnan keeps praising everyone and he himself is very good and also a very good actor. They deserve what they are getting.


Question to Aditi - Who inspires you?

Answer - Adnan only inspires me because sometimes the scenes are such that I can't do them, so I see whoever writes them, they are always ready to act and give their 100%.


Question to Adnan - Who inspires you?

Answer - It was Daniel Day-Lewis a few years ago, so we were going somewhere in the train and new acting started then someone told us that Daniel Day-Lewis stayed in the forest for a film for 6 months and He did not talk to his family that much time, and he was learning to live in the jungle so that his good qualities came out in his film and I was so inspired by him at that time.


Question to Aditi - If we talk about the story, the fans are very happy. What would you like to say after seeing the engagement promo?

Answer - I am very happy and look, I have even applied henna and Vian's name is also in it, it is fun.

Adnan's answer - We have got very good people to work with, our director Ravi Bhushan sir, our writers, it is a blessing for me.


Question - What would you say to the fans?

Adnan's answer - Thank you for the love you guys give.

Aditi's answer - You people give love that's why you are able to do good work.

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