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Aditi Gupta Says That The Trp System On Tv Is Bogus!


Jyothi Venkatesh

Aditi Gupta, who is seen in Ravindra Gautam’s Kaal Bhairav 2, is not a big fan of the TRP system. The actor says that somewhere it is this system which stops makers from trying out new things. “I think it is a bogus.I don’t know how it works because no one knows how they calculate the numbers. It’s never been explained, so I don’t know how it is been done. But people still believe it and we go by it. I think because of the TRP system, I’ve seen that people are not trying to be more creative. People are not trying to evolve themselves because they think that if this thing is working, let it work as we are anyways getting the TRPs. I think TRPs are not required but if it won’t be there, I feel some shows here will be going on and on for years,” she says.

Aditi loves being part of Kaal Bhairav 2 and is especially fond of the title. “I think it’s unique and interesting. It says a lot about the show and what it’s based on. But to know about the show, you will have to watch it. It sounds very strong as a topic, but doesn’t give out too much. I am playing the character of this girl Archana. She is a very outspoken person. She is today’s girl, who is very confident and talks a lot. She will go and talk to anybody. She will also go and talk to a watchman but with the same respect and love. She is in love with a boy who is from a very royal family, which she has no idea of. But his family is cursed, so she’s the one who will be trying to figure out what is the mystery all about. Apparently, in their family any boy can’t live more than 30 years of age.I really relate to my character. We are so similar. I don’t have to actually make up anything, I have to be natural as possible. Being so alike just helps me with the character. The way she is talkative and her hand moments and all of that is so similar to the way I am in real life”.

Aditi is sure that the show will be loved. “Everyone’s expectations is quite high, I think this genre has not be explored on TV as yet. I think it is a great show, I am not just saying that because I am doing it, but it is something which people like. It has a sense of mystery and also has a lot of amazing actors in it. So, I think it is a great combination and people would like to watch this kind of genre. I love working with producer-director Ravindra Gautam as well. “I think it’s fabulous that I am working with him, literally after 10 years. I worked with him in my first show. When I got to know that he is doing this show, I was so excited about it because he’s a big name in the industry. I am more confident than the last time I was working with him. The last time, I had no idea of what I was doing but now at least, I have a little idea of what I am doing. It’s great to work with him because I can give my inputs to him and he knows my potential. So, we mix and match and try to make the character as beautiful as possible,” she says.

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