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Aditi Rawat: ‘Tia is perfect character to play on TV’


Aditi Rawat is from Delhi NCR (Ghaziabad) and some of her best work includes Vighnaharta Ganesha, Kaleerein, Shivarjun Ek Ichchadhari ki Dastan and Main Bhi Ardhangini.

As Tia in Azaad’s Hari Mirch Lal Mirch Ek Teekhi Ek Karaari, she enacts a bold, fun-loving, highly individualistic girl from a fearless family, Tia is the daughter of a ‘Bahubali’.

She was raised by men only and is bereft of feminine emotion due to the absence of a motherly figure in her life.

She is a modern, pragmatic but emotional and loving, she can become manipulative to achieve what she desires.

She believes – where straightforwardness has never a chance of working, crookedness flourishes.

From a stubborn girl who doesn’t get along with her ‘Saas’ and has no value system, she realizes the value of honesty, justice and learns to respect elders and the importance of ‘adjustment’ to build relationships eventually finding a motherly figure and a balanced life.

Here, Aditi Rawat talks about her new show and more.

What made you say yes for this show on Azaad?

“Till now, I had done heavy-duty drama (Main Bhi Ardhangini) and mythology ( Vighnaharta Ganesha). So, this is a fresh genre for me.

I am not saying I am good at comic timing. No actor is perfect. It is always work in progress.

I said yes because my character is very interesting and also the storyline. Tia is the perfect character to play on TV.

How did you prepare for the role?

Here I am thankful to my director for giving me workshops. We did workshops for a few days so that we can perform well.

If there is one thing you would like to change about your character in the show, what would it be?

Nothing!! I won’t change anything about Tia. She’s just perfect.

What was your first reaction when you were finalised for the show?

I was super excited to play this role.

How do you’ll deal with creative differences on the set while shooting?

I’ll discuss it with my creative head and I’m sure they will solve my problem immediately.

What is the concept of this Show?

My Tik Toker character gets married into a conservative family where one man rules the roost. Tia is not rude, yet she will not succumb to the wrong.

Her father has single handedly raised her, to be a powerful woman. How she slowly brings her in-laws to the right path is our story in a nutshell. I’m hopeful for Azaad to do well aa they have differentiated concepts.

Your show also streams on MX, but will a family show sell on a platform, which generally binges on edgy content?

” I dont think going bold is the only barometer for success. What sells at the end of the day is good content, and that is where we ace. So, I am confident of our success.

Watch Hari Mirch Lal Mirch Ek Teekhi Ek Karaari at 8:30 PM, every Monday to Saturday, on Azaad. The channel is available on Tata Sky 183, DD FreeDish Channel no 36 and free on MX Player.

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