Aditi Shetty: Finding the time to play sports is very challenging

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Actress Aditi Shetty says that nowadays people lead a hectic lifestyle and finding time to play sports every day may not be possible. However, we must try to play sports whenever we can, says Aditi.

“Everyone has a very hectic schedule. People are busy with their own lives. Nowadays, people hardly even meet each other so in all this to find time to play sports together is very rare. There is way more competition and deadlines to achieve in our work environment due to which we tend to neglect our body,” she says.

She adds, “Watching sports is like an entertainment and people should rather play sports and enjoy it than watching.
Playing sports gives such an adrenaline rush and also releases happy hormones. It’s a good form of workout and keeps one healthy and fit. But being aware of these points also we don’t really make time for it.”

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Schools do encourage sports for children but still a lot of children situationally end up playing more on the mobile and computers, says Aditi, adding, “In this day and age really young kids are addicted to phones. I have seen one year-old kids who need something to play on the mobile phone to watch and get distracted while being fed. We should motivate students to take up sports or any physical activities for overall well-being.”

But something needs to be done now, says Aditi, adding, “More facilities and opportunities to get together and play sports should be conducted by schools, offices and residential complexes. People should form groups and clubs in their social circles which can plan such social events which include sports. It’s not easy but we have to make a conscious effort.”

Aditi adds that even if people cannot play sports every day, some physical activity is a must. “Few years ago, people still used to play some sports in the building on weekends. But that is also neglected now. And people prefer to rest at home or watch OTT/shows at home. Being a couch potato is going to have many health hazards. To maintain a healthy lifestyle people should be active and take up physical activities. You can’t neglect your body at any point of your life. Maintaining a workout ritual or taking up a dance form, going for walks, jogging and swimming can really be helpful In the long run. During school times, my group of friends would play every day for hours. It was a regular sight a few years ago,” she says.

Meanwhile, Aditi says that she has always been involved in sports. “I was the vice sport’s captain of my school. I used to be a good runner and participated in all events. We used to play a lot of kho kho and kabaddi and I was so into it and played really well I would look forward to sports period to just go and enjoy and play on the school ground. Looking back, I don’t think I have seen school kids play these sports anymore,” she says.

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