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Aditya Dhar’s Uri Has Become The Biggest Debutant Directed Film Ever Surpassing Kick


Jyothi Venkatesh

Aditya Dhar who made his directorial debut with URI is soaring high on the success of the film, which is now the highest rated Hindi film ever on IMDB.Quiz him on whether he’d like to revisit Raat Baaki with a different cast and he says, “I haven’t figured my next film yet but it will be one of the scripts I’ve written over the last seven years. It could be Raat Baaki which is a fun film. Everybody was sad when things didn’t materialise. I don’t rule out the possibility of another film either. Uri was an exhausting film and I’m on a break right now but will soon return to one of my ideas.”Uri is the most successful film helmed by a debutant, surpassing the previous record holder Sajid Nadiadwala’s Salman Khan’s Kick. Aditya is understandably proud of the feat, he believes records are meant to be broken. “Not in our wildest dream did we think we would get so much appreciation and adulation from the audience. It was a special film as it was a tribute to the army, but the numbers we have earned are insane given it was my debut as a director and Vicky’s first commercial film as the solo lead. I hope, some other debutant breaks my record soon,” he smiles, admitting it’s overwhelming when politicians use lines from his film like “How’s The Josh?” and “Yeh Naya India Hai.”After Uri, Vicky has become a mainstream Hindi actor and Aditya hopes to see his hero scale new heights. “He has reached this position after a lot of struggle and toil. He’s got talent so this thing was bound to happen, sooner or later. It’s just that I recognized his potential as a commercial actor before anyone else,” Aditya signs off with a twinkle.

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