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Kangana Ranaut’s explosive interviews have turned B-Town upside down, to say the least. She publicly accused Aditya Pancholi of domestic abuse, house arrest and stalking on national television in interviews with journalists Rajat Sharma(Aap Ki Adalat) and Barkha Dutt(The Town Hall).

Post these interviews, Pancholi recently broke his silence and told his side of the story in an interview with Bollywood Hungama. He told the portal that how he and his family were traumatized. In the interview Aditya told the portal, “I am not angry with Kangana but I feel so sorry for this lovely actress. People should take a lesson on what not to do from her. You can’t treat the film industry so badly–a place which has given you your bread and butter! We are one big family and I have been in the film industry for 33 years, my wife Zarina has been here for 40 years and Rakesh Roshanji has been here for 50 years. He’s a pioneer in filmmaking and a legend. My wife has worked with Rakeshji in two films and worked with Hrithik Roshan in Agneepath where she played his mother and she tells me that both of them are gem of persons and real gentlemen. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t. There are so many relationships that don’t work out but you move on. I am talking about what she’s said on these two shows. The onus is on her to prove that what she’s said is right.”

The actor also opened up on his role in Kangana’s life and said, “You can’t be so ungrateful and talk such rubbish against it! Do you know what her biggest problem is and where she went wrong? The moment she started speaking good English! It brought her down. She said about me, ‘My mentor became my tormentor’… Just because you have learned English you can’t talk like that. It’s going against you. Angrezi naam ki kulhari apne naam pe, haath mein le rakhi hai.  What is she talking about nepotism? Kasam se, I didn’t know the meaning of it before. Kahan nahi chalta hai? Rishi Kapoorji has also spoken about his father and grandfather’s times. Baap apne bachche ke liye nahi karega toh kaun karega? She said Hrithik Roshan is a 43-year-old taking his father’s help. Arre 43 ho ya 83 years, baap baap hota hai! It’s a parental feeling – a love, a bond that parents share with their children. Tomorrow if Kangana ever gets married and she has children and they want to enter the film industry, will she not support them? Or will she say – no join the circus? This is not done! Enough is enough. Don’t play the women card, Kangana. My wife, sister, daughter, mother are all women. There are nice women like Zarina, some women like Kangana and there was a woman called Surpanakha, jiski Lakshman ji ne naak kaati. She was a woman also but Lakshman ji cut off her nose kyun ki woh dusht aurat thi. Aap aurat hone ka fayda uthao, najayaz fayda mat uthao. Aur jis ne tumhe pana di hai, usske khilaaf mat baat karo (don’t talk against those who have given you shelter and protected you).”

Aditya Pancholi went on to say that he wants solid proof of all the allegations and added, “I am talking about facts. When you are saying my daughter Sana is younger than you (Kangana) – prove it! When you say I am your father’s age – prove it! When you say that your passport is made in 1986 prove and showcase other documents with it, like your birth certificate, school leaving certificate etc. to verify that the date on the passport is not manufactured or manipulated. I am talking legally. I am saying what she has said on the two nationally-televised shows – she should prove those allegations. Let’s talk about facts: you say you have filed an FIR in Versova police station, I say forget Versova – show the FIR copy from any police in Mumbai or India. You (Kangana Ranaut) may have lost it but it will be there in the police records. Police records mein toh hogi. Produce the FIR copy or issue an unconditional apology! Don’t rub me the wrong way because I know her better than her parents and her sister. Nobody was here when Kangana was alone in Mumbai!”

On the other hand, a lot of people have been embroiled in the controversy, especially Aditya Pancholi’s son Sooraj, who made his debut in Salman Khan’s production Hero in 2015. After being tangled in the cobweb of the past events involving his dad, Sooraj decided to quit Twitter.

The actor’s last tweet read, “Its my humble request to all the media platforms out there! To please keep my sister and me out of the current site. I have nothing against anyone and I would like to keep away from the mess… its something that I have been trying to avoid for years. And I think its not right for anyone to tag my sister or me in every single article about it.. Please think of it as a son or a daughter.. say whatever you want but please do not involve us in it.. Thank you!.”

Well, this is one controversy that refuses to die down anytime soon!