Aditya Singh Rajput & Rakesh Paul on Corona Virus

By Team Bollyy
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Aditya Singh Rajput

Jyothi Venkatesh

Aditya Singh Rajput: When Corona virus started, I had a Holi event in Chennai, since commitment is commitment I went there with masks, sanitizers which was difficult to get in market still i got it somehow.  Finished my work and came. Cancelled two events further and yes shoots are postponed. Its all about house arrest these days. Be safe!

Rakesh Paul: Coronavirus has struck India, all schools, colleges, malls, gyms, clubs, everything is shut... even the shoots are cancelled... infact we got a 20 days break from our show #Manmohini a couple of days back. I had planned a 10 day road-trip (something that I do often)... but we realised its not safe to venture out as of now so all plans cancelled. Now we have the time but nothing to do, nowhere to go & nothing at all. But I always feel in the worse of situations something good always happens. Coronavirus has pressed the PAUSE button on our lives... but at the same time its given all of us something... something that we all always run short of... TIME & that too in abundance. Time to think, ponder, wonder, thank, time to spend with your close family & most importantly time to meet with our own self. Time to think about life, its a luxury none of us could afford. Its time to do whatever else we have always wanted to do but never got the time for it. I guess its time for me to spend with my family, watch a lot of Netflix, catch up on my show Manmohini. Also I feel its time to start something I have ever dine before- Meditate, in times like these that make u realise 'Meditation is better than Medication' i also have to start doing some free hand exercises (which i never ever do), go for a jog, push ups, pull ups, abs & spend the evenings with family binge watching Netflix & #Manmohini with Corona (beer of course )

Stay safe God bless

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