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Adnan Sami Celebrates His Daughter Medina’s 2nd Birthday And Here Is A Special Message For His Little One


Jyothi Venkatesh

 Says Adnan Sami excitedly.”

Today is the most special day in my life… It’s my angelic darling Medina Jaan’s 2nd Birthday!! 2 years ago when Allah SWT blessed us with her arrival on this earth, I was overwhelmed with infinite joy & gratitude.

Her arrival into my life opened up a whole new ocean of love from within the depths of my heart which I didn’t even know existed… I had heard of the special bond between a ‘father & daughter’ but was clueless what that truly meant until the moment Medina jaan entered my world… All night after her birth, I was awake, sitting next to her cradle & staring at her with love & absorbing a new emotion within myself which I had not felt ever before, consisting of an abundance of love, protection & overzealous possessiveness… I knew right then, that without even uttering a word, “Medina jaan had me at hello!”; I knew hence on, if she says ‘it’s day’, I would say that ‘it’s day’ & if she says that ‘it’s night’ indeed I will say ‘it’s night’.. …THAT IS WHAT THE PRECIOUS BOND BETWEEN A FATHER AND DAUGHTER IS!! 2 years on, by the grace of Allah SWT, she has me wrapped around her tiny adorable finger! I make the world dance & she makes me dance!! I am eternally grateful to Allah SWT for Medina jaan as His ultimate gift to me… I am extremely grateful to my beloved Roya Jaan for giving birth & Mothering such an angelic daughter.

I may compose the most melodic tunes in my life but for me the most beautiful & melodic sound is when Medina jaan says “BABA”!!
For her I can just sum it up in these words…. “Tu Agar Kehde Mujhay,
Chand Bhi Le Aaon Jaan-e-Jaan,
Ek Taara Maang Le, Aasman Le Aaon Jaan-e-Jaan…” Happy Birthday my lovely, beautiful & dearest angel Medina Jaan… Lots of Love & Duas always,

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