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After Leaving Crime Patrol, Know What ‘Anup Soni’ Is Up To

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end” The most popular host of Crime Patrol for 8 long years ‘Anup Soni’ is on its way to bring the change in his career again and we all hope for a gorgeous ending of his journey.
His short film based on child trafficking is coming soon and he is playing 8 different kinds of character in it. However, he cannot reveal its name but he told us many things about it and his future plans.

Tell us something about your upcoming short film? 

This short film is based on human trafficking as we all know that it is one of the biggest illegal business in India, this whole film revolves around this social & serious issue.

Few episodes of Crime Patrol were also about human trafficking how this film is different from them?

Yes, there were some stories on human trafficking and other crimes, but this short film is specifically on this topic which will show the minute details of the entire issue.

After so long, you decided to do proper acting again, how is the feeling? 

Now, my full focus is on films, I am taking a break from Crime Patrol. I want to do films, I want to do web series as there are such good stories on web world entertaining the audience. And I think from many years I have not done much as an actor, yes I was doing anchoring but didn’t give time to acting. Now I want to give my full time to acting and web series.Annup 1

You started your career as a Film Actor only but then you moved towards the TV. Why?

Every actor wants to work in films first. My debut film was ‘Godmother’ with Shabana Azmi then I have done many films like ‘Gangajal’ and ‘Apharan’ with Prakash Jha ‘Footpath’ and ‘Imtehan’ with Vikram Bhatt, ‘Khushi’ with Boni Kapoor but sometimes you don’t get what you want and same happened with me in films. At that time I got very good offers from TV and I accepted them. Luckily all my TV shows became very popular so I continued with them but now I want to go back to films and play different roles.

You are playing 8 different characters in this short film, tell us about it.

As an actor, people want to see you in different roles and this challenges me and gives me a very different kind of experience. I can’t tell you in detail but I am playing the role of, types of people involved in this whole illegal business which we will release in parts.

Which was the most challenging character in this short film? 

There is one character in the film for which I think I have to prepare more to look authentic and real on the screen. It’s a very rough look with tattoos and all which you can see in my pictures. For rest of the character, I guess I was prepared.

What will be the name of this short film? 

I can’t reveal it as of now.

What are your upcoming projects? 

Currently, I am doing a very interesting role in the film ‘Prasthanm’ with Sanjay Dutt. Originally, this is a Telugu film but the title will remain the same. As I said now my full focus is on films so, in the gap of every 2-3 months, you will see me on the big screen. Annup 2

Quick Bytes 

What is your Success Manta? 

Keep working hard. Never take your success for granted.

Describe yourself in 5 words

I will say it in one dialogue “Ek baar jo mene commitment kar di to fir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta”

Any 3 wishes you wished for but couldn’t complete

I don’t have any wishes except one that I want to do good roles on big screen and the way people loved me on TV the same love and respect I wish to get on the big screen.

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