After maternity leave, Charu Asopa is making a great comeback with the Atrangi Channel web series 'Johri'

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After maternity leave, Charu Asopa is making a great comeback with the Atrangi Channel web series 'Johri'

Johari is a fictional and unique story inspired by the rise and dramatic fall of India's diamond emperor Nirav Modi. The revelations of this scam have raised many questions as to how one person's desire to succeed at all costs can put the entire country in danger. Charu Asopa, Nishant Malkani, and Jugnu Modi Gandhi will be seen in the lead roles in the film.

Charu Asopa is an Indian television actress and vlogger. She is known for the role of Princess Revati in the serial 'Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev' and the most liked character of Athakhti Pari in 'Baalveer'. Let us know what Charu, who is returning after maternity leave, told about her upcoming show 'Johari'.


After being a part of hit shows like 'Devo Ke Dev...' and 'Baalveer', you are now entering OTT. Tell us something about the journey and experience of OTT

The experience was very good. As everyone knows, this was my first show after my maternity break. When you go back to work after a big break, you are a little nervous. When I went back to the shoot after my maternity leave, I was a little conscious about my looks, my figure, and many other things. But the team and co-actors were very good. I would like to thank Nishant. Everyone made me feel very comfortable, and I was able to do this character confidently. I remember I had asked the producer of this show, Ma'am, do you think I will be able to do this character, then she said that I will do it. Along with the shoot, I have taken care of my daughter and also worked out, everything happened in flow. All things happened at the right time. It seemed as if God wanted me to do this show. I enjoyed doing this show a lot. I am happy and excited that this show is releasing.

Charu Asopa

Being a single mother, what was your reaction when you got the offer of this show?

I had already decided that I had to do this work. I had not thought that I would make a comeback through the OTT web series. This was all God's plan. When I read the script of this series and read about my character Tani, I felt that I had never played such a character in my fifteen years of career. Tani is a confident girl, who has helped her husband stand on his feet. You must have heard the saying that behind a successful man is a woman, in this case, Tani is behind Neeraj Bodi. Tani has made him such that he can stand in front of anyone and against anyone. Tani has brought style and fame into Neeraj's life, she has completely changed Neeraj. This character was very unique for me. There is a message in this series that a woman can handle both career and relationships very well.

When you were on the set, did you take your child with you there?

Of course, I used to take it, and for that, I want to thank my producer and the entire team who made it easy for me. I could meet my daughter after doing the scene. When I was doing TV shows, I didn't even have time to breathe. Taking care of my family was a very distant thing, then when I did OTT, everything became easy and when I came back to TV, I felt like taking care of myself. I felt that I should have done OTT only because you can manage a lot while doing OTT.


You have played the character of a beautiful fairy in the show 'Baalveer', so your children will be happy to see that?

She is still very small. But when she grows up and sees all this, I will tell her what I have done, and what my struggles are, because I also want her to become an independent girl emotionally, financially, and in every way. I want to make him a good person, so strong that he can fight every problem.

A video of yours is going viral on social media in which you are seen as emotional. Even in a big city like Mumbai, you are being asked whether you have a husband or not.

This was quite heart-breaking for me too. When I heard it for the first time, I too was shocked. I thought today we are in the 21st century, a woman is taking care of home, children, and career. In many homes, it is such that the woman is earning more than the husband. I also found it very absurd when I heard that if there is no man in your house then you will not get a house.

Would you like to say something to such people who keep such absurd conditions?

I do not consider this kind of thinking right. It is not appropriate to have this kind of thinking in today's times where a woman can do everything, she is in no way less than a man, and talking like this. By talking like this you break someone's hope and there is no bigger sin than breaking someone's courage and hope?

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